Having Backbone





Our little plastic animal collection has been invaluable (although Amazon values the Toobs around $12 each). We’ve sorted by mammals, insects, habitat, presence of spine, and vowel sound just in the past few weeks. I keep them altogether in a basket in the school room. You never know when the need for a tiny plastic animal will arise.

Let’s just own that I have given up on the Weekly Wrap-Ups. There’s just too much to talk about every week! Oak Meadow Grade 2 hasn’t lost steam or charm at the half-way mark.

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  1. eidolons

    So. I’ve spent the last two weeks planning ninth grade (oh gods, put me out of my misery), second grade, and first grade. A bit of that time was spent deciding on something that put you in my mind a lot. For this fall, we’re going to use part of an Oak Meadow curriculum. World History, to be precise. For ninth grade.

    I just couldn’t stomach writing yet another subject from the ground up. I have no idea what the syllabus (which I’m told is like a student workbook-esque thing) or the teacher’s manual will be like, but I’m hoping that I’ll find it as much of a homeschooling relief as you’ve found it to be (yes, enrolling + second grade = vastly different than not enrolling + ninth grade but it’s like hope at the end of a very stress filled tunnel!)

  2. emily Post author

    The biggest difference between enrolled and not enrolled is the record keeping and pacing. We’d likely be moving at a more sedate place if we weren’t enrolled – there’s just so much that each weekly lesson could easily turn into a week and a half. The curriculum (at least from what I’ve seen and read) is complete and works wonderfully either way. I bet World History is a TREAT and loaded with project ideas.

  3. emily Post author

    That was great, thank you for sharing! He is very much right about getting a better education – there’s no substitute for one-on-one. Even if your parent/teacher doesn’t remember the quadratic equation. Hah!

    (I actually DO remember the quadratic equation, although I know I’ll need to refresh my skills a little before we get there!)

    PS What elementary school did he go to with 48 kids in a classroom?!?

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