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Michael and I have had Terrible Colds this week. Coughing, sneezing, aching and all the rest of it. Michael had the better deal I think: he adores NyQuil. I refuse to drink anything that tastes like Liquid Death.

My boss had her first grand-baby! I spent the past couple days making a little present:

white booties

These were made using Great Gran’s pattern. She’s been making baby shoes from it for I don’t even know how long. I suspect that I wore booties just like this. Except the ones Great Gran makes have crochet strings and pom-poms on the ends. I use ribbon because of my tragic Crochet Deficiency. I just don’t get that whole Hook Thing.

And I located the needles I needed to start Michael’s brown sweater. Turns out that the swatch on #8s was too big after all. After three days of searching and accusing various family members of theft, I found the #7s in the bottom of the knitting bag with the orange sweater in it (you remember, the one Mom and I are supposed to be making together?). This proves that when you are looking for something in your knitting bag, it saves time to just dump the whole thing out on the floor to begin with – you will paw through it at least three times before finding what you’re looking for. Can you hear my exasperation? I’ll cast on tomorrow. Finally.

PS It’s cold again – you can tell because my spring fever is over and I am ready to knit wooly things again.

4 thoughts on “new baby

  1. Elizabeth

    The booties are darling! Would you share your grandmom’s pattern with me? I’m going to be a lst time grandmom in May and would love to knit these for my little one.

  2. MJ

    Cute booties, I love the ribbons! You could say that it’s an heirloom pattern? I seriously don’t get the hook thing either (I do know how, but I just avoid it like the plague). Then again, my mom crochets but won’t touch knitting. Go figure, huh?

  3. donna

    darling booties Emily!! glad to hear the weather has cooled down a bit so you can enjoy some wool knitting!

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