Monthly Archives: August 2005

Charted Waters

The right front of Elspeth went much better than the back. This is probably because I charted the whole thing.


The best part is that I made it with Sharpie which bleeds through paper. This way, when I turn it over, I have a chart for the left side too! Genius I tell you. Except that in spite of double checking, I still managed to make a mistake in the pattern. The corrections are shown in turquoise.

Lucy has been a big help with Elspeth. I don’t know how I’ve managed to knit anything without her.

cat in the bag

We also been keping an eye on the weather.

three day cone

I am a big fan of NOAA

It looks like we’ve lucked out this time. We’re still in the Cone of Probability (and here are some fun charts to look at. I am especially fond of the Strike Probability.) but Katrina appears much more interested in Louisiana this time. It all depends on how soon she turns North. The Hurricane guys are more confident about this projection (the steering currents aren’t very well defined) which is better for us but bad for New Orleans: being below sea-level complicates things.

one forward two back

This is what Elspeth looks like moments before she is ripped back to the arm holes.

partial sweater

I have had the worst time deciding when to stop making pattern repeats on the raglan armholes. I started by leaving them out if there wasn’t going to be room to make a complete slanty. But it looked like I had left something out. So I ripped. After studing the picture, I decided to put as much as would fit. But it looked like a mistake when there was only one YO. So I ripped. Finally, I settled on: If at least half of the pattern will fit, that is, at least two YOs neither of which interferes with the raglan decreases, I will put it in. Then I had to rip because I counted wrong. And one of the cats (I’m not naming any names. She knows who she is.) bit my yarn in half. Twice. AND they took my red scissors. They were on the table and now I can’t find them anywhere. I expect them to turn up in the dog’s bed in an attempt to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit. I finally finished Elspeth’s back yesterday.

the back

At my present rate, I should be finished with this tiny, little jacket by late September. *weeping* That does not include the time I will need to spend persuading my mom to put the crochetted edging on for me. I forgot about the stupid edging. *gnashing of teeth* I suppose this is fine. It’s not like I’ve finished the dress I wanted to wear it with. I’ve gotten to a point where I need to turn on the iron. But when I turn on the iron, I need to be prepared to iron the pile of clean clothes that is waiting to be ironed and hung up. And I just don’t want to.

Want to see something else sad?

balled yarn

I like the new place mats, though.

Empire Dreams has been reduced to the sum of its parts. I wasn’t happy with the legnth before or after the place to put the bow. Since I need to legnthen it in both places and the bottom has that little scalloped edge (otherwise I could have gone back to the tie place and just made it longer and then added to the bottom) I decided to pull it all out. Naturally, I wasn’t able to make this decision until after I had sewn it all together. You haven’t really lived until you have un-seamed a sweater. As I ripped and pulled and wound and questioned what I was doing, I further justified my decision by telling myself that I didn’t really like how loose the gauge was and I should have made a smaller size and that maybe I wanted to put garter stitch on the bottom and leave out the tie all together. I’m not sure if I am going to remake the sweater in the book or change a bunch of stuff and just make a knit shirt to wear with my skirts. I’ve decided not to decide until i’ve finished Elspeth.

If the yarn for Michael’s cardigan comes first, I’ll be off the decision-making hook ’til next spring!

Tomato Tomato

I finally managed to finish Tomato. It’s even got buttons!

holding up the fence
side view

With the width of the yarn and the simplicity of the pattern, I should have been finished days ago. I thought I was. Then as I was blocking the back, I noticed a YO that just wasn’t there. I didn’t pay as much attention to this “easy knit” as I should have. Plus, I was reading. Maybe I should stop doing that if the pattern isn’t straight stockinette.

There will be no reading with Elspeth! This pattern is WAY too complex – especially when you consider all the increasing on the front pieces! After a few false starts, I think that I have made a good beginning.

seven rows of pattern

And I am about to make an ending of Empire Dreams. I added the neck band last night.

neck and cuffs

All it needs are seams! Which I should get to right after I put a casserole together for tonight. We usually eat miserably when Great Gran is out of town (she is still in Mary Esther) but tonight I am going to try to change all that. I am using a new recipe, so I can’t really say for certain that we won’t have a miserable meal. My backup plan is Bay Pizza. I’m thankful we live in town – Bay Pizza delivers!