the wicked old scarf is done

The Christmas scarf is finished and blocked!

pink scarf

I’ve got enough leftover yarn to make a second scarf if anyone wants to trade/barter/offerme$10 – I won’t be making another. I’ll include the pattern, of course. It turned out prettily as well as very drapey and soft – a Decorative Scarf.

pattern detail

See? Pretty.

I started swatching for the Family Denim Tunic (Weekend Knitting) but I am experiencing a certain level of indecision. It seems to me that I have no business starting a project of this size with all of the Christmas Baking that is coming up next week. I ought to start something that I can put down quickly. Like the Over-the-Knee-Socks (Handknit Holidays) for Elizabeth or the hiking socks for Mark at the Library (that’s going to be a challenge, his shoe size is 15E). I also need to make another doll sweater (pink) for the Davis Household (the new doll was purchased with Her Own Money) before Sunday (going to see the Nutcracker – one of them is Clara this year). So really, swatching for a sweater is not the Best Plan. Making two swatches in stockinette instead of seed stitch was also a set back (some might say a Sign).

7 thoughts on “the wicked old scarf is done

  1. Rachel

    Congratulations on finishing the scarf, especially since I recall you didn’t much care for working with the yarn. At least it gave you a beautiful finished product.

    I say go for it with the new project! It’s not like you have to finish it before Christmas, so you can just start it now and then go full tilt after the holidays. Although I guess if you enjoy knitting it too much, that could put all your other holiday tasks at real risk of being abandoned…tough call.

  2. Lolly

    Lovely delicate scarf! and of course, I love the pink 😉 Great job, E!

    Oh, that Denim Tunic is nice. I have that about that one…

  3. Becky

    The scarf is divine looking. I love your description of the feel of it.

    I’m going to email you about the yarn leftovers. Maybe we can trade for something in my stash!

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