The couch is full of yarn. And cats.

chock full of yarn

I finished those Blue Striped Socks. M wore them to the Nutcracker – the participating Davis’ were very good by-the-way. I did not make a pink doll sweater, I just couldn’t talk myself into it. There’s always January. I had to order another set of size 2 dpns for Elizabeth’s socks (I only had four and they were pretty short) so that’s on hold for a bit. I’ve been working on a sleeve for the Denim Family Pullover, but I’m just not sure about this yarn. I am substituting Bernat’s “Denim Style” for the Debbie Bliss, and it is listed as the same weight and gauge. If this is the case, why am I having to knit with it on size 4s instead of the recommended 8s to get it the right size? That just doesn’t seem right. The resulting fabric is stiff and I just don’t think it’s going to look right. I am thinking of giving up until after Christmas and working on my Green Striped Socks (kin to the Blue Striped Socks that can be seen above).

Then there is this:

death grip kitties

Betty, honey, Lucy can’t breath!

8 thoughts on “Baking

  1. KT

    Maybe, the Denim gauge issue lies somewhere in the old needle size vs millimeter snafu that usually gets me every few years or so. I have been known to, ahem, confuse the two. Disaster usually ensues. And thanks so much for all the sock encouragement! I truly appreciate it.

  2. Lolly

    Hm, I used Denim Style for a sweater for my husband, and I would think that size 4s are way too small. I think There is something about allowing for the denim shrinkage in the wash? I am not sure, but good luck with it.

  3. Becky

    Poor poor Lucy! What no baking photos? grin. are you making xmas cookies ?? are ya? Dang that reminds me I FORGOT the cookie mix at the grocery just now. UGH!

  4. MJ

    I see you have a bag of Denim Style, so I hope the gauge issue works out in the end. Or you *could* engineer the pattern to fit your gauge. If the fabric is stiff your needles are too small.

    Merry Christmas, Emily!!!

  5. amanda

    Emily—-I’ve tried to email you 6 times (this is 7!) about you Bloomin’ Feet pal. Can you email me back and let me know you rec’d this comment? Then I’ll try and email it to you again or if you rather, I could drop the info into one of your comments and you could then delete it—just let me know!

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