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Another Finisher!

Look what was on my front porch yesterday!


Taken with the iPhone – we were in the car when I saw it.

I could still read the team name on this one: Dishin’ It Out! Congratulations to the fourth team of 2008 to finish the race.


Goodies from Heidi.

Really fun goodies too – Heidi really knows how to pack a box! Apart from the dish rag for Team Captain, Alicia, there are all kinds of fun things. The dark bag is tea (Blue Lady – it smells delicious) and that tiny box is sugar!


Sweet can’t get any sweeter!

But the thing that tickled me the most about this team’s box were the little notes of encouragement on the inside.


The first thing each teammate saw upon opening the box was “Go team!” This the the kind of camaraderie that Dish Rag Tag is meant to inspire. I’m still all warm and fuzzy inside from the smile that gave me.

Y’all keep knitting! I’m going to have a cup of tea.

Dish Rag Tag: the Sequel Round-Up
1… Deuces Wild 9/24/2008
2… Rag-Taggers 9/25/2008
3… Dishrag Taggers 9/25/2008
4… Dishin’ It Out 9/29/2008

Photo Finish

When two (or sometimes more) boxes arrive on the same day, it is the position in the mailbox that decides their final placement. The first box in edges out the competition.

When I opened the mail box this afternoon, this is what I saw:


But who is it?

The boxes (which are made of packing tape at this stage of the game) are so covered in priority labels that I can’t tell whose box is whose until I can get to the computer and look it up. This was an agonizing walk back to the house.

The third place finisher is the Dishrag Taggers!


There is SO much stuff in this box!

Thank you so much Vicky! There is even something for Ellie!


Since I can’t take just one, there’s more on flickr.

Your team captain (Colleen) will love her dish rag. Congratulations, Dishrag Taggers!

After removing the outside box, miscellaneous requests for money and the weekly Winn-Dixie flyer, I looked in again:


I still can’t tell who it is!

The Rag Taggers finished a single box-length ahead of the competition to place second!


Another box packed to the gills!

What sweet treats! (Seriously, see that tiny pot of maple cream? I might die.) I am really enjoying the things people include as small treats – y’all are so much more creative than I am! Thank you so much, Cindy and congratulations to all of the Rag Taggers! Captain Becky, you have a wonderful dish rag in your future.

This is such a crazy close race! Who’s next? I can’t wait to find out!

Dish Rag Tag: the Sequel Round-Up
1… Deuces Wild 9/24/2008
2… Rag-Taggers 9/25/2008
3… Dishrag Taggers 9/25/2008

Our Mailbox

We usually have a very large mailbox. Sadly, about a month ago, the arm of the mailbox post rusted through, causing the mailbox to plummet to the ground. The welder hasn’t been able to come and fix it yet, so we are making do with a teeny tiny plastic mailbox that is zip-tied to the post. I was very worried that there would be a problem with the Dish Rag Tag boxes when they returned home, but, as you can see:


They fit perfectly.

Three cheers for Deuces Wild, this year’s Dish Rag Tag’s first place finisher! Sarah-Hope was the last knitter to have the box. With the help of Melissa and the USPS, she managed to get it from California to Alabama in just three days. I tip my hat to our postal workers for this amazing finish. And to you, Sarah-Hope (and Damian) for such a great box.


This year’s return yarn is next year’s start yarn.

The dishrag is wonderful (I love it in the variegated)! I know your Team Captain, Susan, will really enjoy it. Thank you so much for the treats – buttons are such a great idea for a small and sweet swap present! Here’s a close up of the ceramic ones:


I think there is a cardigan in my future.

The other very cool thing that the Deuces Wild team did for me was to include a postcard (or tourist map – I heart it) from all the different locales. This box has really been around.



Biggest congratulations, Deuces Wild! Your team work and dedication really shows.

Who’s box will be next? Will all the teams attain Dish Rag Tag Glory? Will Dish Rag Tag repeat the unprecidented 100% participation of last year? Stay Tuned to find out!

Dish Rag Tag: the Sequel Round-Up
1… Deuces Wild 9/24/2008


I just this minute finished my 12 Squares!


Only five left for the year!

Now I can move on to other projects. Like maybe a sweater for Michael. He never got one last year.


I never could figure out why I ordered so much of this yarn.

And I’ve got a sock to make for Trick or Treat Feet Sock Swap.


I’ve picked a theme – can you guess what it is?

Ellie needs a cardigan for fall…I think I am going to make this one again. But bigger.

I’ve got to start on the ornaments for this year (this is a non-knitting year so I’ve been procrastinating).

Oh. And the tree skirt. I keep forgetting about the tree skirt.