Picture Perfect:Best Use of Dish Rag

The nominees for the photographic category of “Best Use of Dish Rag” are:


I work in a library and handknit dishrags are the best for cleaning off our shelves. They stand up to anything!


Tempting a picky eater with a dishrag croissant.

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If one has to wear an arm brace this is one solution for jazzing it up a bit.


Picot Swirl Dishcloth having fun as a yar*n*mulke for a day.

Franklin Habit

Best use of Best Use of Dish Rag!!!! To wipe the very talented hands of Franklin Habit should he need it!

EatYourHeartOutScarlet Hat2

My very best use of a dishrag.
I think Scarlet would just die for one of these garter stitch dishrag bows!

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