Be Mine


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not sure my cards will make it in time this year. They were finished last Monday but I got to stalling about mailing them because I was trying to finish this:

(If you are Judi, there is nothing to see here. Come back later.)


Hippo Valentine’s Day!

It was raining (of course) so the pictures are terrible. But this was such a satisfying finished object.


Mah close-up. Let me show you it.

Hippo and ballerina costume patterns by Fuzzy Mitten.

The Deep V looks the same as last time. I don’t know if it is because the sweater is so boring or if it is because the toys have just been so fun, but I have found myself contemplating an etsy shop. With bunnies maybe.

18 thoughts on “Be Mine

  1. Judi Hames

    It is so strange that I have been too busy to check in at Yarnmiracle for a while…I had no idea that there was hippo adorability headed my way. THANK YOU!!! She is definitely the crown jewel of my collection. The card was very clever, too. Rachel was mildly horrified that a playing card was destroyed, but that’s only because we’ve been playing pinochle a lot lately. You are so awesome!!

  2. rachel

    oh girl….I say go for the etsy shop! I would so be buying from it…for like every baby shower I have!!
    The hippo for Judi is absolutely precious…LOVE it and the snake…oh yeah, please it would be a disservice to NOT do the etsy shop!!

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