Do the Math


I’ve been working on the treats for the Team Captain Boxes.

22 teams = 22 Team Captains.
4 coasters per team captain = 88 coasters.
1 top block per coaster + 1 back block per coaster = 176 squares.
4 tiny blocks per coaster = 352 tiny squares.
1 absorbent middle per coaster = 88 absorbent squares.
I cut out 616 squares.


88 coasters waiting for the final seam and flip.

That’s also 528 seams (6 per coaster) and a lot of ironing.

And some cat hair completely free of charge.


Sorry about that.

The tutorial for these coasters can be found here!

There is also $124 from pattern sales and a very generous donation (thank you, Lisa – I can’t find your email address anywhere) for prizes! Remember, all the proceeds from pattern sales until September 30 will be used for Dish Rag Tag!

14 thoughts on “Do the Math

  1. Judi

    I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of Lucy from the front before. She has really beautiful markings!

    You are such a busy lady…really don’t know where you find all this time and energy…

  2. Ewe-niss

    Loved the kitty comment 🙂 Somehow it is charming when it is your cat. When it is my daughter’s cat, I just can’t seem to find the humor.

    How sweet of you to make little gifts for the team captains! You are amazing!

  3. Anita

    That’s a lot of squares! How sweet of you to do all of those coasters. 🙂

    You should charge for the kitty hair. LOL

  4. Jo Ann Varda

    You are very ambitious…thanks for all your hard work.

    Is this were I say I want to join?

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