V is for Victory!

I’ve got the Official Pattern of Dish Rag Tag V worked out.

looks great in a variegated

Round, uncomplicated, great for scrubbing.

When I started working on this thing, it was no fun. No fun at all. Repetitions took too long, I had to spend all this time counting and it was just all around boring boring boring without a complicated lace stitch. Even without the lacy stuff, a 23-row pattern repeat with short rows is just too intimidating for a newer knitter. I was getting ready to abandon the round thing altogether when I had a Design Epiphany.

If you haven’t had a Design Epiphany, they are kind of neat. All of a sudden you say, “Oh!” and you’ve solved your problem.

After the Epiphany I felt much better about round. There isn’t even any counting if you use a stitch marker. You can put the whole thing down at the end of a row, walk away and when you get back you can tell where you left off! If you’ve never used short rows, this will be an excellent place to start.

I’ve written up the pattern so Mom and Great Gran can give it a test run. I’ll have to let you know if I enjoy it as much after the fifth or sixth starter cloth. Even if it doesn’t hold up to multi-cloth binge knitting, Dish Rag Taggers only have to knit it once!

14 thoughts on “V is for Victory!

  1. Susan

    Ahh, this reminds me of the 10-stitch twist blanket I made for my niece last summer. Loved it at the start, then said bad words every time I picked it up towards the end (months later). This, I think I love. Yay, you!

  2. Cindy

    Cute! Hopeing to get signed up this year, we are leaving sunday to be gone for a week. Got to find a way to get signed up. I told my hubby I was a little up set about the timeing of our trip he did not understand!

  3. Renna

    I had about talked myself into not signing up this year, partly due to increased shipping charges (oh, the bane of living on a tight budget!), and partly due to being busy. Once I saw this adorable pattern, I realized I MUST participate! 😉

  4. joan

    I just love it when I see the start of the first dish rag as I know soon we will be big time knitting these lovely things. Won’t be long now I have marked the date so I get registered early. Great fun thanks for doing this I look forward to it every year.

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