DRT Update: Tell Them What They’ve Won

I’ve done something a little different with the Dish Rag Tag Prizes this year. Once I had the idea, I just couldn’t stop myself!

purple red blue

Tote Bags!

The first place team gets to pick their color first (red, purple or blue). Second place can decide between the two colors remaining and third place has the decision made for them. The bags are designed and printed by Erin of KitchTowels.

don't try this at home

Please don’t really run with needles.

Prizes this year were sponsored by a four year Dish Rag Tag Veteran, Wen (slowknitter). I often say that life gets in the way of knitting, but she still found a way to participate for the fifth year of the race. Many thanks to Wen for the support, and to all of you for making Dish Rag Tag special every time.

12 thoughts on “DRT Update: Tell Them What They’ve Won

  1. kathy crispino

    I am quite sure you get no sleep cause your brain is always working! VERY CUTE prizes! Go Lucky 7″s!!!

  2. kathy b

    In an effort to get even more from DRT this year, I am leaving everyone who is in DRT and has a blog a message today. It is fun to meet new bloggers! thanks

  3. Cathy-Cake

    Despite a recent attempt by the USPS to sabotage us (it happens), our team has needles on fire, so I am visualizing the possibility of this amazing prize — you never know!

    Thanks to Wen and to you!

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