Sweet Nothing Swap

It’s been a while since there was any kind of fun around here. Don’t you think it’s about time for a swap? Just in time for Valentine’s Day:


The Sweet Nothing Swap

This is a fast, inexpensive swap. You’ll pick your favorite knitting notion(s)* and send that plus a Valentine to your Sweet Nothing Partner. The spending cap for this swap is $10. These are ‘sweet nothings’ after all – no need to get carried away! For this exchange, you’ll have an upstream (the person that treats you) and a downstream (the person that you treat) partner for a total of two new friends.

To simplify things, I’ve made a handy web form for participants:

Sign ups will be open until January 31, partners will be assigned the first weekend in February and all Sweet Nothings should be mailed on or before February 8 so that they arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. Easy-peasy.

Need the link to the form one more time?

*For the purposes of this swap, let’s define ‘notion’ as: an object that enables or enhances the knitting experience. Needles, yarn needles, stitch markers, row counters, gauge finders, pom pom makers, safety pins, buttons, stitch holders, needle rolls, sticky notes, magnifying glasses, organizers, awesome things that I have never seen or even thought of, and tiny boxes/tins to hold all of the above (with or without candy still inside). Some of my favorite notions are safety pins and paper clips, so objects not specifically designed for knitting are perfectly fine. If the use isn’t obvious, just be sure to explain!

10 thoughts on “Sweet Nothing Swap

  1. emily Post author

    No need to send me money, Kathy! The “right around $10” was what you should expect to spend on notions, Valentine and postage. I’ve edited the post to make that more clear!

    Sorry for the confusion!

  2. Stephanie

    Thanks, Emily – for making a light fun exchange in time for Valentine’s Day.
    I just submitted my app, but there wasn’t a line to leave YOU a note!

  3. Kimberly

    I’m back and sooo IN for this swap! Haven’t read any blogs in a couple years while living in China, but this is the first one I just got re-hooked on! Getting all caught up on old posts…

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