Swap of Discontent: Fill out your Questionnaires Please!

Heeeeey, swappers! Signups are closed!

Y’all please fill out your quick little surveys and get them back to me! We need them before Michael can make the matches. We haven’t heard from about half of you (there will be individual guilt-making tomorrow if necessary). If you didn’t get a survey, email me (emily at yarnmiracle) or comment with an email address that you check! I’ll send it to you.

Through cutting and pasting in haste, I lopped off the “What is your mailing address?” part of some of the questionnaires. If you were one of the lucky few, we really do need that piece of information. Just add it to the end when you answer the rest of the questions.

One last thing:
Who DOESN’T have cats and dogs? And if you have no furred animals and a smoke-free home you get extra gold stars. I needed to put that in the survey – I’m sorry, it’s been a while since I did this and I’m rusty. Please please email me (or comment if you’d rather) about your allergen-free status.

15 thoughts on “Swap of Discontent: Fill out your Questionnaires Please!

  1. KSD

    I don’t have any allergy problems, but do have cats and dogs in the house. My yarn is stored in boxes, but I know some people are super-sensitive.

  2. Alyssa

    I just filled out my survey – my email had a SNAFU. I don’t have any pets and I don’t smoke, so I am allergen-free! But… I do have asthma and can’t accept yarn from a smoker.

  3. Coralee

    Wahhhahahahah!!! I missed out. That’s what happens when you ignore your PC for a few days, you miss out on the cool stuff 🙁 Oh well maybe next time. If anyone drops out at the last minute, don’t hesitate to PICK ME 🙂

  4. Jane

    I’m a pet-free, smoke-free home. And horribly allergic to cats and dogs (and rabbits and guineapigs and anything hairy and cute).

  5. DebW

    Rats!!! I missed the sign ups. I keep better tabs on your happenings. (Miss the Dish Rag Tags)

    You’re in my prayers tonight, that the hole in your heart will be filled to the brim with warm and that happy memories of your Great Gran will comfort you.

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