Spring Swap

Remember back when we talked about a Four Seasons Swap? Y’all. It’s Spring! Technically, down here it’s still winter if you stand in the shade, but I’m going to overlook it because it’s swap time.


Clean Spring Swap

*Boxes should include: Yarn for a dishcloth, knitting pattern for a dishcloth, a little something that’s good for cleaning (sample detergent, soap, hand lotion for after, you get the idea) and a small wind chime or similar springy item that makes you happy. Because I like wind chimes even though they don’t match my clean theme.
*Stash yarn and patterns are great (be careful of copyright on downloaded patterns). Unless you keep a treasure trove of goodies, you may have to spend a little on this swap. But not much if you don’t want since the Dollar Stores are jam-packed with silly little spring feel-goods!
*To sign up, leave me a comment with an email address where you can be reached by Friday night. I’ll send a brief questionnaire to collect mailing addresses and the like and make matches over the weekend.
*Ideally, swap packages should be in the mail by April 1. A week turn-around should keep anybody from overthinking it. This is an impulse swap!

I think that’s it! No more waiting! The leave-a-comment link is right




19 thoughts on “Spring Swap

  1. Jenipurr

    I’m game – if nothing else, I should be able to swing by the store this weekend (and then hopefully drop the box into the mail Monday morning on the way to work).

  2. sprite

    Since I’m not a dishcloth knitter, don’t like to clean, and live in a below-ground apartment without many places for hanging chimes, I’m going to sit this one out. I look forward to reading folks’ posts, though.

  3. Kirs

    The calendar may say Spring, but here in Michigan it has been snowing today. But that hasn’t stopped me from starting my spring cleaning! I’m in for the swap, Spring has to arrive sometime, right?

  4. Coralee

    Count me in! Thought is was gonna be spring but tonight in NW PA it’s snowing again 🙁 Spring cleaning isn’t on my list yet, I’m more of a early summer cleaner 🙂 but that doesn’t mean I can’t be ready ahead of time!

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  6. Becky L.

    I’m in! It is still snowing in Montana. But, then again, it snows 12 months a year here. However, the gophers are out, the ski hills are still open, and the college kids are wearing flip flops and shorts in 30 degree weather. Must be spring.

  7. kt

    EEK! I missed the Friday PM cutoff!! I want to play, but if I’m too late, I’ll try for Summer. Let me know! Hope it’s lovely where you are! Here we have mucho rain (surprising in WA, yes? No, not really…)

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