Welcome to Summer Vacation

Oak Meadow Grade 2 is a wrap. We had 172 school days and nine billion happy memories.

The first event of summer? Brownie Hiking Badge!

She made GORP,

It's her own recipe.

It’s her own recipe.

researched hiking gear (visit to the Bass Pro camping and hiking section), practiced her observation skills (counted bugs), picked a route, and kept track on the map.

Matching actual location to map location.

Matching actual location to map location.

Between camps and badges (and finishing this Mermaid pattern arrrrggghhhh), there’s plenty to keep us busy all summer.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Summer Vacation

  1. sprite

    Hooray for summer break and hiking and fun! Congrats on making it through your first year of homeschooling!

    (Btw, the link spam is back in the RSS. Sorry.)

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