Change Can Be Good

In her own words…

All about getting glasses in her Main Lesson Book.

All about getting glasses in her Main Lesson Book. Uphill.

I think kid cursive looks like that super curly ribbon used on packages. I had to get glasses too but mine are taking longer because BIFOCALS. I am ancient. Hah!

I’m working on a hat for a friend’s Mother-in-law who’s having chemo. We picked Little Flower Hat for the pattern. I’ve learned a new cast on and everything!

8 thoughts on “Change Can Be Good

  1. Colleen

    Wow, she looks super adorbs! I got glasses in 1st grad. Don’t know why I especially remember that. Had the lazed eye surgery done, but am getting older and now my eyes just feel tired by the end of the day.

    The cursive? Stunning. The fact that I can read it it just amazing to me… Still can’t read my 14yr old sons writing 🙁

  2. Angela Dotsenko

    They look lovely on her ❤️ My younger son loves wearing glasses. I hated them. I can’t believe how times have changed! Looking like a “nerd” is all the rage.

  3. kt

    So cool! Seeing well is a pretty great thing. Kudos for getting the backup pair; as a bespectacled muppets since I was a pup, that second pair will be handy. Also makes it nice to have another fashion option!!

  4. Ruth

    She looks lovely in her glasses. Our little one tries on all the pairs she can when we are in there getting ours, but she doesn’t need them.

    I have graduated bifocals, getting old right along with you.

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