Getting Better

We’re all finally getting over whatever it was that we had. The coughs are the last things to go and the coughs are the WORST.

Ellie has felt like playing again, she took her trunk apart so she could pack for Hogwarts. Packing for Hogwarts is one of William Henry’s favorite games.

Ready to go.

For whatever reason (peer pressure? people are always knitting socks), I started a sock on the way to Disney World.

Just the beginning.

I haven’t knit a sock in years. It’s a Take Five (kathy b peer pressure similar color even ellie picked it). Take 5 is also one of my favorite candy bars. I’m working on the gusset.

5 thoughts on “Getting Better

  1. kathy b

    awww So glad you are all feeling better. And so so glad I motivated you to knit a sock. I love how we can motivate one another from across the country!!! I agree Take 5 candy is such a winner. My favorite would be a Baby Ruth or a Milky Way Dark tho!

  2. christie

    Hope you can motivate to make a PAIR of socks… I’ve had ½ of one on the needles for over a year. I’d rather make baby sweaters, blankets and – best of all – animals! Just can’t get inspired by socks.😕

  3. Ruth

    Glad you are all feeling better! We had a day home from school yesterday with a nasty cough, but back to school today and we’ll see how she goes.

    I love knitting socks, though I haven’t knitted many lately due to living in eternal summer. Must start another pair soon! Thanks for the motivation.

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