A Week Ago Today

Last week about this time, the moving truck was stuck in the mud.

There was a whole lot of rain in a little bit of time. Surprise!

One of our good friends helped it get unstuck.

You’ll have a yard you love in a year. I promise.

It’s a good story now, but at the time I was very stressed, very sad, slightly hysterical, and feeling like I would never ever get away.

Now I’m feeling like I will never be finished with boxes. Never never ever. So I’m just taking a minute to put my feet up and post.

The view from my room to Ellie’s.

3 thoughts on “A Week Ago Today

  1. Angela Dotsenko

    I hope you love your new place. Don’t be surprised if homesickness hits hard for a few years.

  2. Ruth

    One box at a time. Try to take an hour or so off to explore your new neighbourhood, go for a walk around the block and then get back to the unpacking.

    It will take a while to settle in, remember to do fun things while you are unpacking.

  3. Colleen

    I miss having anxiety just thinking about that… I would have cried and run away

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