Afternoon Into Evening

That’s a moving box to the right. Everyone likes the empty boxes.

I’ve been so proud of how well the cats are adjusting. Lady Bird especially. Since she can’t see and is easily startled, I expected her to be one of the last out from under the bed. She surprised me by being the first out the door when we expanded their space. She’s been all over the house, navigating the box piles and rediscovering the furniture. She was doing great until she caught Washington’s sniffle (which we thought was a dust allergy). She stopped eating – an extra big problem since she has thyroid issues and her food is her medicine. She went to the (new very nice) vet on Friday for fluids and antibiotics. She seemed perkier yesterday and woke me up this morning, although she didn’t want breakfast. If she doesn’t have a snack tonight and breakfast tomorrow, it’s back to the vet.

6-21-2017 She ate a bitty bit. We still carried her to the vet for a different antibiotic, fluids, and a pill to make her hungry. This morning she and Abigail rejected breakfast and ate a little lunch. This is worrisome and aggravating.

6-22-2017 12:30am Started getting foamy, threw up, rapid breathing. She’s at the emergency vet. After a chest x-ray, the best guess is a bad reaction to her new antibiotic. Sooooo back to regular vet at a reasonable hour.

6-26-2017 Heart trouble! She’s got a 2x a day heart pill now. She’s eating again. But only wet food. But she will take her pill in her food so that’s something. I giver her the pill laced food and when that is gone, add more to her dish.

3 thoughts on “Afternoon Into Evening

  1. eidolons

    Glad to hear everyone is getting settled. Hope Lady Bird feels well enough to eat – I know how stressful it can be (for both the cat and the human) when illness, medicine, food, and a lack of desire to eat said food all combine. Hoping for the best for all of you!

  2. Colleen

    😭🐱. It’s so sad when they don’t feel well and can’t tell you what is wrong

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