Our Museum has a Hooked Rug exhibition up right now and offered a rug hooking class taught by Anne Norvell to go with it.

Ellie and I were completely on board with that. The class was to make a little pumpkin rug – just big enough to get the feel for what might be a new hobby.

Getting Started.

She kept wanting to swap work with me since she preferred to fill in an area than make the outlines. She filled in all my pumpkin bits after I made the lines, and I made the pumpkin lines on her piece.

I worked some more on mine yesterday afternoon.

It’s another one of those meditative arts where you can find your zen. Gran-mother and Great Gran both hooked rugs at some point – I can only think of one that is still around. I’d like to make a rug-sized rug myself, but when I consider that my other massive project, the CounterPain, has been stalled since first grade…

I should probably finish that before I start another massive project. Probably.

3 thoughts on “Hooking

  1. Toni

    I think you should go for making the rug, too. Having something different to work on will probably inspire you to get back to the CounterPain even sooner than you would otherwise. I remember you posting about it during Dishrag Tag, and I thought it was the prettiest counterpane pattern I’d ever seen.
    Find a pattern you love and make it happen! (I hope to hook a rug or two before I croak myself 😉

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