For Posterity

I will now take a moment to document the snowflake in my weather app:

See it?  Right there at 11pm.

See it? Right there at 11pm.

I’m pretty sure that all that icon really means is that it’s just going to be 32° while it’s raining, but the picture IS of a snowflake.

Happy New Year!

Ellie’s New Year’s Resolution is to fix a meal once a week.

Week #1 Sloppy Joes (with Gardein Beefless Ground).

Week #1 Sloppy Joes (with Gardein Beefless Ground).

My New Year’s Resolution is post something to Yarn Miracle once a week. Anything.

Stop laughing.

This totally counts for week #1.

Getting Out Christmas

I woke up in the middle of last night and panicked because I needed another cat stocking (Washington moved inside). I didn’t know the whereabouts of all my notes from when I made the first six!

When I woke up this morning, I remembered that I had gone through all this trauma the last time I needed another stocking: I reverse engineered the stockings, typed it all up neatly, and put it in TWO PLACES on the internet so I could never lose it again:

Stuffed on Ravelry

eta: haha I actually said the part about never losing them again in the Ravelry description