A Week Ago Today

Last week about this time, the moving truck was stuck in the mud.

There was a whole lot of rain in a little bit of time. Surprise!

One of our good friends helped it get unstuck.

You’ll have a yard you love in a year. I promise.

It’s a good story now, but at the time I was very stressed, very sad, slightly hysterical, and feeling like I would never ever get away.

Now I’m feeling like I will never be finished with boxes. Never never ever. So I’m just taking a minute to put my feet up and post.

The view from my room to Ellie’s.

Climate – it’s not Political

I feel like some facts. The Weather Channel does too.

The difference between ice and water is just one degree. There’s only 8 miles of ice keeping that iceberg the size of Delaware attached to an Antarctic shelf. According to the article, that’s more than 300,000 times the size of the iceberg associated with the Titanic. The scientist quoted says “that’s not the most concerning” of the things that are going on down there.

In other weather news, it still looks like scattered thunderstorms on Load the Truck Day next week. In other moving news, there is still a lot to pack.

Change is good. Right?

Remember that one time when we thought we’d live in my great-grandparents house forever?

Things change. We’re moving in June.

Home Sweet Home

The new place (house above was built in 1888, the town has lots of opportunities) is pretty awesome – so it’s not all bad news!

Packing is TERRIBLE.