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Quick tip:

If you live in a super old house and you want to add insulation to the attic, know that there will be coal soot.


There’s a thin layer of coal soot coating everything upstairs (and a thicker layer on the floor). I will be wiping and mopping for the rest of my life.

At least I’ll be well insulated.



One of the things we discovered AFTER we moved in (and you’d think the inspector would have mentioned it), is that there is precious little insulation in the attic. And none on the walls around the cubby space in the attic.

That’s getting fixed today. They are also installing gable fans that turn on when it gets super hot up there. We’ll be a little more energy efficient -and cooler- by tomorrow.


Nap Time

Doll beds are the best beds.

William Henry loves all things pink and little girl. He has napped in all of Ellie’s pinkest and foofiest things since we’ve had pink and foofy things for her.


I blew it.

Aw man. After 8 months of once a week posts I forgot last week.

I don’t know what happened. It’s not that I never thought about it, I just forgot.

Boo, me.

Here’s a rabbit head.

For a returning customer.