version 2.0

Great Gran has finished her Project Linus blankets!

stack o blankets

We tried to drop them off in Fairhope on Monday, but the place that I thought was the drop off wasn’t. Plan B is to email for the address. We also tried to drop off the recycling, but the spot where the recycling place used to be is now an empty lot. They had torn down the entire building to make room for the new library and movesd recycling to the dump but it’s now available to residents only. So now there is no place for us to recycle. On the upside, I did get to go to the yarn shop (which used to be yarn and art prints but is now just yarn – YAY!) and picked up more scarf yarn for Great Gran. I also seamed up her gatsby sweater and picked up the band alllll the way around.

the world's largest circular needle

Great Gran has been too busy knitting scarves (Wal-Mart has Fun Fur so she has been working on some for her church’s auction) to finish up. Who would have thought that she would like novelty yarn that much?

Two balls of yarn and that’s ALL?!

I have made a tiny bit of progress on the brown sweater. Between the scarves, the brown sweater and Great Gran’s gatsby, every single one of my Denise cables is in use.

PS Last night I had this entry all typed up. I had finished by saying that I had to run: our vet was coming to supper and I needed to start the sauce. But Mozilla (my browser of choice) has been doing this thing lately where some sites make it stick (last night it was – I wanted to be sure I had spelled cable right!). Once it sticks I have to force quit and start all over. This happened last night and I didn’t have time to start over because I really did have to start the sauce. So you’re stuck with version 2.0, written at 6:30 in the morning. I haven’t checked any spelling Just In Case. I am downloading FireFox this afternoon. Isn’t he cute? I wonder why his box doesn’t catch on fire…

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  1. Rayne

    I need to hurry up and finish fixing/seaming my blanket so I can swing it by my local Project Linus drop-off. Glad to see someone else in the blog world doing a PL project. 🙂

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