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I give you:

two sleeves

Rembering Honey’s sleeves!

I really enjoy making this sweater (I would rather not have to do it twice, but whatever). Lace knitting is just plain fun. I am using the larger needles to get the proper gauge and it doesen’t feel too loose. So things are good.

Everyone is out of town this week (by everyone I mean Great Gran, Mom, Dad, cousins and corresponding aunts and uncles) so M and I are On Vacation. Apparently this means that we eat spaghetti sauce for lunch, don’t make the bed and watch way too much TV. This also means that we are running Fun Errands this afternoon. These Fun Errands are mixed in with No Fun Errands, but should make the trip more enjoyable. I take it back, as I look at my list, all the places we have to go promise at least some fun. Staples does have Stumpy Keychain Sharpies which I find simply Thrilling and if you count buying mulch as a Fun Activity. Which I do. All that to say: The yarn store closes at 5 (boo) but tonight is Knit Night so she’ll be also be open from 6-8 (yay) so I get to go. I’ve got to pick out some yarn for those Davis Girls to learn to knit with on Thursday. This also means the possiblity of Chic-Fil-A for supper. Mmmmm chicken.

Oh, rats. M just reminded me of why we’re going South in the first place. The Cingular store is No Fun At All. I will be taking my knitting.


Are they buddies at last? Probably not. Shortly after this picture was taken, there was a brief round of Swatting About the Head. Angus, who was having a nap beneath the window, expressed his concern by snorting and rolling over.

all done

Here is Michael modeling his finished Brown Sweater.

Michael contemplating

I wonder what he’s thinking about.

If I had to do it again, I would use the same yarn (1824 Wool) but smaller needles. Although I have the right gauge for the pattern, the finished fabric is a little loose and stretchy for my taste. I also think the neck band is too wide (upon examination, it does look like the one in the pattern). Michael likes it a lot – he doesn’t seem to feel like he’s wearing an afghan. The pattern (Designs by Judith: Multiple Choice, Drop Shoulder Pullovers for Men) is in multiple gauges, so if I had wanted to use smaller needles, I certainly could have. But it’s finished. And he’s happy. So I’ve got that.

I should be working on the Denim sweater, but the company that sold me the yarn sent two different dye lots. This is a pretty big mistake for a yarn store. So I called them to fix the situation. While I was talking to them, I realized they had no idea what they were doing:

Them: So what do you want us to do?
Me: I would like you to send me send me one more ball of 05 and I will send you back this 04.
Them: Let me put you on hold while I check to see if we’ve got that.
Me (singing along): I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation…
Them: I’ve got lots of 108 but no 05s or 04s. But we’re expecting a shipment soon.
Me: 108 is the color number. The number after that is the lot number.
Them: Oh. Well, all I have listed is the 108.

What I should have done is make her go back and check the stupid lot numbers. Instead, I have mailed the whole mess back and they are sending me some new. With any luck the numbers will match.

Which means I need another project. If you will recall, my first attempt at Remembering Honey (Interweave, Spring 2003) was sabotaged by unstable dye. The manufacturers sent me some new yarn in a different color and it has been in the chest for a while. I’ve pulled it out and swatched. I remember why it has been in the chest. The swatch that comes out half a stitch too small is a much better looking fabric than the one that comes out correctly. My choices are: A) Make it in too small a gauge and have it Just Fit or B) Make it in the proper gauge and get the Loose Knitting Willies every time I wear it. I opted for A the first time around, but this time I think I might go with B. I am starting with a sleeve to be sure I can stand it. As we all know, a sleeve takes less time to rip out.

I almost forgot, as par for the course, the aforementioned yarn company claims that Tomato Red Kool Wool has been discontinued. It’s still available on Lion Brand’s website so I can only assume that said yarn company is Crazy. I’ve got to find yet another place to order the dumb stuff. With luck, I will be able to get it somewhere other than their on-line store where it costs $4.99 a skein! RATS.

my links are green

I finished the first sleeve and started the second one. But I am experiencing new obstacles in my knitting.

babies chew yarn

They chew the yarn, too.

I managed to get to finish the first set of increases before my feet went to sleep from the kitty weight (Abigail joined her for a nap). I was forced to get up and stagger in here to blog.

The yarn fairy came and brought my yarn order to Great Gran’s house and hers to mine (Thank you post office and UPS, outstanding work! Don’t you just love small towns?). We met yesterday morning to make the trade. Great Gran’s was more fluffy stuff for booties and some Lion Brand Color Waves to make this poncho. I ordered some of Bernat’s DenimStyle to sub for Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Aran which is quite nice but monstrously expensive. I’ll be making the “Family Tunic” in Weekend Knitting for around $20 instead of the reccommended $75. Quite a deal.

yarn and a picture

I picked “indigo” – I think it will look nice with khakis.

DenimStyle is really light and (dare I say?) lofty. I made a swatch in another color (I picked some up on sale for an as-yet-unmade scarf): it knit up sweetly and appears to be pretty sturdy.

The other half of the yarn fairy was supposed to be some Kool Wool for that red vest in Knit It! magazine. You know the one. Apparently, everybody knows the one. Red Kool Wool was sold out at two on-line shops before I found Yarn Supply. They’ve got free shipping on orders over $50 (that’s where the DenimStyle came in). I was still too late and now it’s backordered. They didn’t say ’til when so I’ll just be surprised.

to do

Well, I finished the neck on the brown sweater.

sweater on the floor

But before you think I’ve made any actual progress, I’ve already pulled it out to re-do it. It came out way too loose and floppy so I am trying with smaller needles.

My Knitting To Do list is getting rather long:

  • Put the neck back on the brown sweater.
  • Make sleeves for the brown sweater and attach them.
  • Re-Do the band on Great Gran’s red Gatsby thing. It came out like a drawstring bag and we’re just not happy.
  • Finish the other 3/4 of a pair of baby booties for a friend.
  • Finish the last AG cardigan – it’s on hold until the baby booties are done because you can’t use the same ball of yarn for two concurrent projects.
  • Wait for the Yarn Fairy.

I might acutally get to work on some of these after I make the Lemon Squares for Friday. Great Gran and some of her little friends and I are going to the Festival of Flowers. I’m in charge of desert.