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Winning Christmas

Before the confetti stopped falling on Times Square (and an hour before Alabama New Year), I finished the last six squares of my goal of 52 for 2007.


I can’t be bothered to straighten them out.

I’m actually halfway through the Overall Total of CounterPain Squares with 70 more to go. Then there is the edging of course…I figure there is at least three more years to this project. My attention has now shifted to my next knitting dilemma: Is it possible to knit three quarters of a pair of socks in just four days? I guess we’ll find out on Friday.

Since the New Year is only an hour away (15 minutes by the time I click the “publish” button), it’s time to total the final points in my War on Christmas. I get a point for a successful Christmas Dinner the Third (the one that was my responsibility). Christmas gets a point because there were four Christmas Dinners to begin with. Seriously, I thought this holiday would never end – and I can’t tell if Great Gran is kidding when she says we’re going to have another Christmas Dinner when Uncle Bruce and Aunt Patti get back in town (they missed the other four). I also get a point for finding the Perfect Christmas Gift for Great Gran (and then coercing Mom, Dad, my Darling Sister and her Honey into helping with it). The Jitterbug is made of awesome. If I had designed a cell phone just for Great Gran, it wouldn’t be nearly as brilliant as this one. I don’t say that very often. The best part is that she loves it. She has called everyone – including me from the next room.

The final point tally:

William Henry – 2 Emily – 10 Christmas – 8

Do you know what that means? I won Christmas! I can’t even believe it. I knew 2007 would be a good year. I’ll let you know how 2008 goes – a lot depends on my ability to knit three quarters of a pair of socks by Friday.

Happy New Year!

Can It Be Done?

I’ve made four more!


It is pouring down rain.

That means only six to go – that’s two squares a day for what’s left of December. Totally doable right? I’ve got a few more hours this morning, Michael is up the river and out in the woods with Dad and Uncle Allen (Dad’s big brother). Michael’s got cell coverage out there and we’ve been texting. Last I heard, they were on the way back to the camp* because of the pouring down rain. I’m going to go and see what TiVo has recorded for me the past couple days and work on a square. Aunt Anne arrived last night and I have to be social this afternoon. I’ll be taking the Apres Sock – it’s got a deadline attached to it too.

*It’s really more of a camp house – biggest tank for a generator I’ve ever seen. You go there when you are finished with Woodsy Activities (or are getting soaked in the rain) but aren’t ready to come home yet.

Same to you, Christmas!

Remember those French Breakfast Puffs I was making Christmas morning? I had them all wrapped up in a basket and ready to go. I turned around to wash out the mixing bowl and stick it in the dishwasher to keep the cats out of it while we were gone, and when I turned back around, Lucy was sitting on the Puffs!


I said some very bad words to Christmas. Which I will not repeat here.

Luckily, they were wrapped up very well, so no part of Lucy actually touched any part of the muffins and only half were smashed. I had also made a whole pan of minis with the batter that didn’t fit in regular size tin so I was able to salvage enough for breakfast. Christmas got a point for that.

If this holiday ever ends (Michael’s family is leaving today, but my Aunt Anne may be coming tomorrow), I will do a final point count and we’ll see who carried the day.

William Henry – 2 Emily – 8 Christmas – 7

I kind of feel like I should add that everyone who attended Christmas breakfast has their own cats (none of their cats approach ours as far as Paths of Destruction are concerned – but they are still basically understanding of the situation). And the puffs were wrapped up really really well – if she had actually touched them in any way, I wouldn’t have taken them. Just in case you were thinking that I would serve cat mouth things to people.

And a Merry Christmas to You

The mailed goodies arrived in time – a point for me! I also think that I deserve a point for doing everything on my lists for yesterday (there is a second list for today) including the timely completion of baking and wrapping without any help from the cats.


Here is a better bump shot for those of you that are interested.

A point goes to Christmas (really tbs) for the 24-hour A Christmas Story marathon. I’ve got to run make French Breakfast Puffs*, my contribution to this morning’s breakfast.

A very Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate the day – a very Happy Tuesday to those of you who don’t!

William Henry – 2 Emily – 8 Christmas – 6

*These are highly endorsed by Carole (where I found out about them), Michael and Great Gran.


I got all the ornaments and baked stuff together to mail to Michael’s family (the ones who aren’t coming on Christmas Day), wrapped it in wrapping paper, double checked the address and stuck it in the Jeep to mail when I went out on Wednesday. This would have given the presents four days and a Sunday to get there by Christmas Eve. Instead, I forgot all about it until Thursday afternoon. Christmas gets a point for the nail-biting suspense – I’ll get a point if the presents make it in time.

Speaking of Christmas (don’t you love my segue?), Great Gran and I received our Alabama Ornament Swap packages last week!


Taken with the iPhone. In low light. It gets dark so early this time of year.

Great Gran’s contained some very thoughtful sugar-free candy (she has Diabetes*), ornament candles, a little notepad and the cutest itty bitty sweater ornament from Wendy! She really loves the sweater and its itty bitty hanger. Great Gran says that she hopes her swap recipient enjoyed opening her package half as much.

As for me, I couldn’t be more tickled with my package from Suzanne!


Candles and notepads and candy OH MY!

Let me draw your attention to the nest in the lower portion of the picture – I can’t be the only person who has never heard of this. There is a German legend that says that all the birds in the world started singing at one time on Christmas night when Jesus was born. Because of this, finding a bird’s nest in your Christmas tree is considered lucky (although probably not for the bird). The nest signifies health, wealth and happiness for your household in the new year! Since very few people actually go into the woods and cut down their own trees any more, nests in Christmas trees are few and far between. Suzanne has thoughtfully provided me with a felty nest complete with eggs and feathers! How cool is that? I hope I’ve got it high enough up so that William Henry won’t notice it.

Speaking of William Henry (I am getting good at this segue stuff), his love of the Christmas Tree has led to an Unfortunate Situation. One of the branches is now bent at a decidedly downward angle. Betty is appalled.


I have fabric that I am using as a tree skirt, but it has a disturbing tendency to travel around the room. I wonder what causes that.

Michael says he can fix it with pliers – it’s bent far beyond what bare hands can unbend. What a pain.

Speaking of Pain (I am SO good at this!) I figured out a few days ago that if I make one CounterPain Square a day until New Year’s Eve, I will complete my 2007 CounterPain Goal of 52 Squares sans Insane Deadline Knitting. I missed yesterday’s Square. Or maybe I made yesterday’s this morning and I haven’t made today’s yet. Either way, there are only 10 more to go in 2007!

William Henry – 2 Emily – 6 Christmas – 5

*Michael insists that I add this link.

No Bump Picture Here Either (Sorry)

A couple of the (many) things that I haven’t mentioned the past few weeks are the swaps. The Alabama Knit Bloggers Ornament Swap was put organized by Darlene. She has done a fantastic job and I have had a lot of fun! I made up my mind what ornament I was making long before I knew the identity of my swap pal.


Itty Bitty things make me so happy.

I used this pattern to make larger single mittens as Christmas Ornaments (I can’t remember what year). It is super cute in sock yarn and with a little crocheted string so one can’t be lost. These are all boxed up and ready for the post office with a couple of other treats for one of my Alabama neighbors.

For the Apres Christmas Sock Swap, I’ve given quite a bit of thought to the delicate matter of yarn selection. My gut reaction to all sock swaps is to order more yarn. However, I have been a member of two sock yarn clubs this year I have a large quantity unique yarn that I have been saving for something “special.” What’s more special than a sock swap? I’ve got my selection narrowed down to two yarns:


On the left, Ruby Sapphire’s Treadsoft in “Galileo” and on the right, STR Silkie in “Walk on the Wild Side.”

Huh. They kinda match. I’ll use whichever one looks best in the pattern I pick (when I get around to picking a pattern).

In between CounterPain Squares (only 14 more to go), I finished three kitty sweaters and the Bunny Hat.


If it doesn’t fit, I will add a face and make a puppet.