100 thoughts on “Ellie

  1. kt & marion

    Wow! I was off by a day and an essential body part…..

    She’s GAWGEOUS!!!

    Marion wants say Ellie’s really, really cute. If you are out this way, she’ll babysit!

  2. Cynthia

    CONGRATULATIONS Emily (and Michael!). She is beautiful! Your great gran must be so excited! She is absolutely gorgeous. Rest up and have lots of fun with her…

  3. Laura

    OH. MY. GOSH! Emily I haven’t even checked your blog – I just knew. I just knew. And I knew she would be a SHE. Just precious. I’ve been looking through your flickr set of her pictures with Emeline and Lila just now and I’m sitting here crying with joy and they’re saying “Are we going to visit this baby? Oh how sweeeeet…. look at that kitty cat!” I wish I could just pop over and squeeze her!

    Congratulations – you look Beautiful and I know you must be so overwhelmed with happiness. Welcome little Eleanor! XOXOXOXOX

  4. Lucy T.

    w00t! you are sooooo creative! I am picturing a little knitted front pack so u can wear her while unicycling.

  5. Marji

    Congratulations! A baby changes everything-and it is all good, even when things aren’t so good. Enjoy! My babies are all grown and out of the house.

  6. Rachel

    She is absolutely beautiful, and well worth the wait, I’m guessing! I have looked through all your pictures and can tell you and the Mini-Miracle are besotted with each other. Congratulations!

  7. Dorothy

    Awww! She’s gorgeous! Congratulations to both of you on the best thing to have come along in a long time. They are amazing and never cease to cause a heart swell of wonder.

  8. Tami

    Congratulations! I have been away from the computer for a week and absolutely THRILLED to read that you have had your precious bundle. Ellie (Eleanor) is a beautiful name!

  9. emmy

    I just learned that your most special miracle has arrived! And she is one of the most beautiful babies ever. I swear in some of her pictures she is smiling already! My last of 3 deliveries was a C-section and it was by far the easiest recovery- go figure. You both are radiant and I am so happy for you.

    Congratulations to your new family.

  10. Judi

    Congratulations, emi! She is SO beautiful. It is about time you passed those superior genes on to the next generation. My youngest, Rachel, is almost a teenager, for heaven’s sake! 🙂

    I love your blog. Baby gift to follow.

    Your old Arlington buddy,

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