The past two weeks I’ve been working on one project and one project only: The May Day Socks. I’ve taken them on the road (Michael makes me sit in the back seat if I want to knit in the car). I’ve taken them to restaurants to pick up food.


Dreamland has outstanding barbecue. It’s worth the drive.

I’ve worked on them any time Ellie let me have both hands free.


I’m glad Life is Good shirts come in baby-size.

I even worked on them this morning until everyone else woke up.


I also managed to weed, take a shower and get dressed before Michael woke up and took this picture.

But I don’t have to work on them tomorrow because they are finished!



Now they are blocking. I am ecstatic!

24 thoughts on “CQD

  1. Abigail

    I’m drooling over the key board…..the socks are so lovely…must dash and dry it up or hubby will be a just a tad miffed:D

  2. dobarah

    These are beautiful socks! Your dh makes me giggle…I’ve been knitting in cars with dpns since 1983…but I’ve never heard of the backseat until now. He must really love you!

  3. Wen

    The socks are lovely! Woot! Yay for your cute boss letting you knit…hee.

    I have a question for you about Betty’s drink scripts, if you get a chance will you email me?

    /me thinks Ellie cheeks might be delicious…

  4. Ruth

    They are so pretty! We have a road trip coming up, my husband looked at the three projects I’ve got packed, commented on the amount of driving time and suggested taking one more.

  5. Bibby

    Your socks are very pretty & love the color!!!
    Apparently, Michael & Paul are on the same wavelength, except that Paul says “imagine what a knitting needle can do to an air bag”.

  6. Teyani

    Gorgeous socks!
    And, btw, might I add, gorgeous skinny you! How’d you do that so fast after have your wee one? I was “chubby” for months and months after having my girls.
    Ellie is looking wonderful – and seems to be quite the knitter’s daughter.. (adhering to the request of.. “just wait til I finish this row” *grin*)

  7. kathy b

    Love the history involved in this pair of socks. THey are wonderful. Great job, new momma. You make it all look real easy! I did notice your skinny little calves on the barstool shot. Chief Complaint: Ellie not visible enough and being usurped by sock.

  8. Angus & Duncan

    Beautiful sock! (I finished mine today) ANd an even more beautiful daughter. Sigh for squishy babies. And thanks for the Dreamland link- you are evil as all I want now is REAL barbeque.

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