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I am thankful for finished objects.


In time to wear it for Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for Ellie. But that’s kind of a given.


Itty bitty vintage button.

I am also thankful for Tofurkey. A coyote ran off with our turkey (they got it out of the pen along with some other peoples’). Tofurkey saved the day. Ellie likes the fake meat better anyway.

Epilogue: Son of Dish Rag Tag

I thought about taking some pictures for this post, but life has really been getting in the way this week. Just use your imaginations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to announce the winners of the Individual Merit Awards for 2009. These two individuals (selected by random number generator from a pool of eligible participants) embody the unique spirit of cooperative competition that Dish Rag Tag is meant to foster.

First up, our Most Valuable Player: Toni! Dorothy nominated Toni saying:

I’d like to nominate Chronicle of Yarnia’s team captain Toni for MVP. She has really gone out of her way to make this fun for our team. Not only does she write motivating posts, she even ran a little contest just for our team.

Congratulations, Toni! Your hand painted chess set, yarn for a matching board and a pair of Chiao Goo needles to knit the board are on their way to you!

There were 38 knitters eligible for Fastest Turn Around this year! Out of this group, the random number generator selected Stephanie of Purls and Paws! According to the tracking information provided by the United States Postal Service, the Purls and Paws box was Delivered 11:14 am on September 24 and Accepted at the Post Office on September 24, 2009, 9:26 pm. Fabulous turn around, Stephanie! Your sock yarn (thanks again to Lisa), a pair of Chiao Goo needles (save them for next year’s race) and a gift card to purchase matching ice cream for your socks are on the way.

The last of the Son of Dish Rag Tag Return the Dish Rags to the Team Captain’s boxes are in the mail (yesterday morning). And I have some final questions if you wouldn’t mind taking a short survey:

Click Here to take the survey!

It won’t bring you back when you’re finished, but don’t worry about it.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year! I’ve got a nice basket of cotton just waiting for Dish Rag Tag 2010:

Revenge of Dish Rag Tag


After 10 years (one permanent dog, six cats, four foster dogs and one baby), the couch and the chair in the den are a sad site. This tutorial will teach me to make slipcovers all by myself! In all my free time. I can estimate the amount of fabric needed with this handy chart.

Thankful Thursday (2 in a series)


I am thankful that I got this cold last. Everyone who lives here would have starved if I hadn’t.

I am thankful for the cats who seem to think that fevers are an invitation to cuddle. It’s homey.

And (though the fever kept me from Veterans Day festivities for the first time since we moved here) I am thankful for the men and women and animals that have served in the United States Armed Forces. Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you for making sacrifices so that others don’t have to.

Now, because I like dogs and I like soldiers, here are some dogs who are really happy to see their soldiers. There are lots, but if you only watch one, make it the first one. The first one kills me.

Son of Dish Rag Tag Grande Finale

On Monday.


Team K2Win returns to Alabama!

This team has had such a hard time. But they persevered through not one but TWO missing boxes! (Did the first one ever show back up?) Craziness. So if there was ever a team to deserve a big finish, it’s team K2WIN!

(Ellie is making fireworks noises behind me.)







The box is a little singed and smells like gunpowder, but it’s contents are unharmed! Ellie was around to open this one, it made me very happy since some of the things in side were for her! Zonda, you are so sweet and thoughtful!

Ellie has spent a lot of time watching me arrange box contents the past couple months, she gave this one a try herself. Seriously, no prompting from me. She just got everything and stacked it in her little chair.


So I took a picture.

And then I did a little rearranging so I could take another picture.


Thank you, Zonda!

Really such fun stuff, the wash cloth earned a fish face (we have to dissolve it in the tub tonight), the card got a “BAA”, the stitch markers are sophisticated and the hand cream and lip balm are in the nick of time! Long Leaf Pine NC post card is not pictured (Ellie had it in the marsupial pocket on her sweatshirt), but we’ve got Long Leafs galore outside! Your captain, Shawn, will love her dish cloth. It’s the symbol of a challenging Race Complete. What could be a nicer trophy?

There will be one more Dish Rag Tag post to announce the MVP and Fastest Turn Around Winners. If you’ve got any last minute MVP nominations, please email them to me before Monday (November 9, 2009) at noon. I’ll also have a short survey (to help me make this even better for next year) and another little drawing related to survey participation!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find the darkest room and help Ellie make princess shadows on the wall.

Son of Dish Rag Tag Final Standings
1… Needling Ninjas 9/30/2009
2… Chronicles of Yarnia 9/30/2009
3… Wicked Sticks 10/1/2009
4… Peaches & Speed 10/3/2009
5… Fast Track Knitters 10/5/2009
6… The Knitty Gritty 10/5/2009
7… Purls ‘n Paws 10/8/2009
8… The Team With No Name 10/8/2009
9… Triskaidekaphobia 10/9/2009
10..KNITTING FOOLS 10/10/2009
11..Dish Rag Run 10/10/2009
12..U Can’t Knit Just 1 10/13/2009
13..Dastardly Dishtaggers 10/13/2009
14..Rag Tag Knitters 10/13/2009
15..Knitter’s Dozen 10/15/2009
16..Dishrag Divas 10/19/2009
17..Ragamuffins 10/21/2009
18..Nifty Nines 10/26/2009
19..Lady Loopers 10/29/2009
20..K2WIN 11/1/2009


The last box is here. It’s been here since Monday.

I haven’t opened it yet.

I’m holding out because I want fireworks. I really feel like this team especially deserves fireworks and a Big Finish.

I can’t have fireworks until tomorrow night. But I figure: it got here Monday. It’s Wednesday now. What’s one more day, right?

Fireworks are totally worth waiting for.