Roger Again

I held your hand

“I hold him by his paw.”

Me: No stuffed friends in the bathroom.
Ellie: Him not stuffed! Him Real!
Me (stalling for time to counter that): Already? What made Roger Real?
Ellie: You did. Every bit.

Roger got to sit on the shelf while Ellie had her shower.

The Cat is just about ready for the test knitters. But are the test knitters ready for the Cat?

13 thoughts on “Roger Again

  1. KERaven

    You can’t really argue with logic like that, can you? I also like the “no stuffed friends in the bathroom rule” — a pretty sound one. I haven’t knit anything with pieces and already have WAY too many stuffed friends, but I’m not sure I can pass him up!

  2. Cathy-Cate


    My heart just melted. How could it not?

    And, apparently The Cat does have awesome magic powers. (But it could be that it’s you, and the yarn, and Roger’s girl. Time will tell.)

  3. kathy b

    OMG. She’s a smart one our Ellie…..
    Love the knit up feline……just love it.
    Does Ellie want one of my fosters kittens? They are all adorable…

  4. Elisa

    Absolutely adorable! i can’t wait for this pattern! Of course, the cat will be for me…

  5. Emily

    @Debra When I’ve got a pattern ready, I post an open call here on the blog. I take the first five folks to respond! That way, I get folks who are excited to make whatever animal it is and who are generally willing to knit it right away.

    There are good things and bad things about knitting my patterns. My chronically incorrect row numbering and stitch counts are one of the bad things.


    I want to test knit it!!!! Do we have to use the colors you suggest or can we be creative with colors?

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