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Roger Again

I held your hand

“I hold him by his paw.”

Me: No stuffed friends in the bathroom.
Ellie: Him not stuffed! Him Real!
Me (stalling for time to counter that): Already? What made Roger Real?
Ellie: You did. Every bit.

Roger got to sit on the shelf while Ellie had her shower.

The Cat is just about ready for the test knitters. But are the test knitters ready for the Cat?


I finished the cat. His name is Roger.


Ellie was thrilled. And possessive.

Here’s the best picture I managed of him alone.

by himself

Because of this kind of thing.


And this.

dance Roger!

It’s naptime, so I am about to go borrow him for some ‘studio’ work. It’s risky, but I don’t know what else to do. Ellie says we can give pictures together another try this afternoon. She says she will hold him by one paw so that everyone can see what he looks like.

I think I’ve got my cat pattern test knitters already (rabbit pattern surplus), but if not, you’ll be the first to know.