Status Update: Servers and Scholars

Ellie had this to say about preschool:

“Preschool was fun! I played on the playground and I like my teacher Miss Char-ty (Charity) so so SO much. It was fun!”

After nap we baked a celebration cake.

look at all the layders

It’s a layder cake. It has three layders.

The hosting company for Yarn Miracle has ‘elevated’ Michael’s ticket. I hope that means you will experience fewer problems with the site’s availability really really soon.

Especially since server trouble makes me want to pitch a big, noisy fit.

5 thoughts on “Status Update: Servers and Scholars

  1. Bubblesknits

    Awww! She looks precious! I can’t believe how big she’s getting.

    Sorry about the servers. I got in briefly just a minute ago and then in went down again. Silly servers. ; )

  2. kathy crispino

    so glad day 1 was such a success…and I LOVE the cake…( I do NOT bake…so am envious of all who do!) How often does Ellie go to Preschool? And what did you do while she was at school?

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