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DRT: The Other Day I Went to the Mailbox

Ellie says “I love Dish Rag Tag! We never know what is in the mailbox!” So true! A couple days ago we found…

9 and 10

..boxes 9 and 10!

Box Number 9 belongs to All Four One!

packed with little things

It’s packed full of little things!

Ellie is already planning what to put the buttons on, insists that the stitch markers with the crochet flowers belong on a necklace and is REALLY excited about playing tiny Uno! I am excited about the beautiful dish cloth from Sara and the really pretty sunshine yarn. Such great colors! Thanks for bringing sunshine into my day All Four One. Congratulations to all of you and to your Team Captain Natalie! (Natalie: love the Tiered Coat – and the toddler in it!)

A small amount of sleuthing was required to deduce the Team Affiliation of Box 10. Is it coincidence or some sort of eerie foreshadowing that the tenth box to finish the race belongs to team Perfect 10? Meredith knits a great dish cloth!


And packs a great box!

Ellie and I (and the five girl cats) appreciate “Girl Power” philosophy! We also appreciate M&Ms, but for different reasons. I tell you what I really like though, that little fluff of a yarn! It’s got a subtle variegation of blue and grey – like the Gulf before a storm. Really lovely – it is always a treat to try new fiber.* Many thanks to Perfect 10 and Team Captain Jessica! (Ah! Tulip Cardigan! What is with all the great baby sweater pictures this morning? It’s like I need to finish my own kid’s sweater or something! I haven’t told you about that? Just one Dish Rag Tag box to go and then I’ll share!)

Dish Rag Tag V Final Standings
3x the Charm……10/8/2011
Purls Gone Wild……10/8/2011
Eight’s Great……10/11/2011
11th Round Knockout……10/11/2011
Knit 1, Win 1……10/13/2011
Round Tuit……10/14/2011
Lucky 7s……10/15/2011
All Four One……10/17/2011
Perfect 10……10/17/2011

*Which, incidentally, gives me an idea for a swap. But I have a lot of ideas for swaps and no time to host them. It would be a drop of something you enjoyed from your stash and pattern for a small object that can be made from it. (bookmark, wee tiny sock, ornament, etc). And perhaps an uncommon/local/weird candy, recipe or something edible like that to try. If anyone does a “Try it, You’ll Like It!” yarn swap, just go ahead and sign me up.

DRT: Lucky 7’s in Eighth

Yesterday’s mail brought another box!

here's the mail

Hi there, Lucky 7s!

We were in the car on the way to Atlanta for Michael’s Dad’s birthday party, so I brought the box from Sara with me!



I only wish I had opened this before I used the one cup to make not great hotel coffee instead of delicious Ginger Peach tea! But do you know what pairs well with not great hotel coffee?


That’s the stuff.

Thanks so much, Sara! Congratulations to Team Captain Jaynee and all the Lucky 7s on finishing the race for Dish Rag Tag Glory!

Dish Rag Tag V Final Standings
3x the Charm……10/8/2011
Purls Gone Wild……10/8/2011
Eight’s Great……10/11/2011
11th Round Knockout……10/11/2011
Knit 1, Win 1……10/13/2011
Round Tuit……10/14/2011
Lucky 7s……10/15/2011

DRT: Getting Around To It

Yesterday, I didn’t make it to the mailbox. But Michael and Ellie did!

iPhone picture

Taken with an iPhone.

Congratulations, Round Tuit, your box has made it home! And loaded with fun goodies too.


Sorry for the terrible tungsten.

I know it doesn’t look like it from the wonderful lighting, but Tonni‘s dish cloth is very pretty and the new yarn might be one of my new favorites! The little purse (Ellie found the quarter this morning!) is darling! See that little package down in front? It has Ellie’s name on it.

glow sticks

“Mama, how you make the pen come out?” We found a sharpener.

Glitter hair clips and glow sticks are an Ellie’s dream come true! She tried the orange glow stick in the ceramic jack-o-lantern out front, brushed her teeth by glow stick and kept it on her dresser last night.

But wait, there’s more! The Tuit Team Captain, Alaina, made a treat for her whole team…

last one is for me

…and me!

And then RECIPES! I said the day before yesterday that I was getting bored with all our food choices. Y’all’s psychic abilities are really something.


Let’s try what other people have for dinner!

Thank you so much Alaina, Tonni and Round Tuit! You made our day.

In other news, the prizes are in the mail.


There’s postage on them and everything.

Dish Rag Tag V Final Standings
3x the Charm……10/8/2011
Purls Gone Wild……10/8/2011
Eight’s Great……10/11/2011
11th Round Knockout……10/11/2011
Knit 1, Win 1……10/13/2011
Round Tuit……10/14/2011

DRT: Top of the Hill

No mail yesterday, but in the box today:

green tape

Nice tape!

The sixth place finisher in the Race for Dish Rag Tag Glory is Knit 1, Win 1! With treats from LaTina (who practically lives next door):



The dish cloth is beautiful! The clampy clippy magnet things are already on the fridge ready to hold important things, and Ellie found her stickers right away. She also took the candy. I didn’t see her name on it anywhere, but she said she did. It was hard to argue with that.

Many thanks, neighbor! And thanks to Captain Bronwyn for guiding Knit 1, Win 1 to Dish Rag Tag Glory!

The envelopes for the prizes are on my kitchen table. The chances that I will get these mailed this week look pretty good!

Dish Rag Tag V Final Standings
3x the Charm………..10/8/2011
Purls Gone Wild……10/8/2011
Eight’s Great……..10/11/2011
11th Round Knockout…10/11/2011
Knit 1, Win 1…….10/13/2011

DRT: The More

Our mail wasn’t early yesterday. It wasn’t even on time. But when it did get here, two boxes were waiting:

Eight and Eleven

Fourth Place is easy, but who is that on top?

In the Fourth Place Spot, Eight’s Great! With a great dish cloth from Amanda:



Lots of treats, but do you know what I was wishing for all afternoon (I even considered dumping Ellie’s markers to get one)? A zipper bag! It’s like she read my mind.



My scissors, needle tin, and pen won’t roll around in the bottom of my big project bag anymore! Perfect. Ellie and I also spent a while applying the temporary tattoos to her tummy (her pick). A really good time – especially since she is ticklish. Many many thanks, Amanda! Congratulations to Captain Marie on such a close finish!

As soon as I looked at the return address label, I knew which team was our fifth place finisher: 11th Round Knockout – last leg by Melissa!

green green green

Green green green. I love it when things match!

Look at all the tea and beautiful dish cloth! The stitch markers, also green, don’t seem to have made it in the picture. They are already in my knitting bag – I don’t like to waste time. And wait, what’s that?


“E-L-L-I-E that’s ME!”

And inside…


Magnets! Frog, hearts, puppy, monkey!

I have it on good authority that monkeys belong upside down. (Pst: Take and Replace Swappers recognize the sheep?) Thank you so so much, Melissa, we loved out box! Congratulations on a top five finish, 11th Round Knockout! Great work, Captain Billie Jo!

Will more boxes cross the finish line today? What time will they arrive? Stay tuned to find out!

Dish Rag Tag V Final Standings
3x the Charm………..10/8/2011
Purls Gone Wild……..10/8/2011
Eight’s Great………10/11/2011
11th Round Knockout…10/11/2011

DRT: I Forgot to Say

The A-Nine-Ilators picked purple for their prizes and 3x Charm selected Red. This means that Purls Gone Wild has the striking turquoise Dish Rag Tag Bags!

I have every intention of getting these in the mail this week. But you know what they say about intentions.

DRT: The Big Swag Reveal

Did Ellie and I had fun unpacking these boxes? Oh my YES!


A-Nine-Ilators goodies!

From Heather (who is truly Heatherific)! Not only did I get a great dish cloth, but Ellie has really been enjoying all the tiny hotel treats! Her favorite:

no rain in here

Shower caps are AWESOME.

Heather, you know what little girls like best. Mama’s too – I really enjoyed my cup of tea this afternoon. Thank you so much for everything, and many thanks to the A-Nine-Ilators Team Captain, Karen, for guiding her team to a remarkable First Place Finish!

bubble bubble

Bubble gum! Bubble gum!

Next up is 3x the Charm, with a pocket full of Double Bubble and a beautiful dish cloth from Michelina. I love the teal AND the stitch markers! AND the gum. No pictures of bubbles – they don’t last long. Three cheers for Captain Lesley (no longer of AL) who moved her team towards glory while moving house.

And then, the Purls Gone Wild box! Have you got a minute? This is going to take one.

so. much. stuff.

Look at all the stuff!

Postcards and magnets from everywhere and stickers! Ellie had penguins on her legs at dinner. A wonderful fall colored dish cloth from Donna and sparkly sparkly yarn. The little pattern back there is from Pam, I already got out my yarn to make a catnip mouse. The magnets are on the ‘fridge, the postcards are going to get in our scrapbook and we offer congratulations to Captain Nicole for this nail-biting finish!

Also, whoever invented these is some kind of creepy genius:


She has never seen them before, but knew exactly what to do with them. (They are Cat in the Hat – always a popular choice in this house.)

One more round of thanks to everyone for all of our treats! And another round of thanks for making this a spectacular race so far!

But wait there’s more! Four more teams have tagged me – it’s going to be an exciting week!

DRT: Winners Circle

Ellie and I were ready for the early mail delivery today! It’s a good thing:

two ooh!

Two boxes today!

First out is last delivered, so in Third Place we have…


Purls Gone Wild!

And last out is first delivered so Second Place goes to…


Um. I don’t know who.

It appeared to be the original box so when we got inside, we spent several minutes peeling back layers of mailing levels to discover…


3x the Charm!

Yay! Hooray! Three cheers for 3x! The crowd goes wild for the Purls!

It won’t let me post in your team forums for some reason (and Michael is off watching football with Great Gran), so I offer congratulations here! 3x the Charm, I will be in touch with Team Captain Lesley to see which bag color y’all want (red or turquoise – the A-NINE-ILATORS have picked purple), so make your wishes known to her!

I’ll so a big Reveal of box contents tonight or tomorrow – I’ve promised not to open the new ones until Ellie is up from her nap.

Dish Rag Tag V Final Standings
3x The Charm……….10/8/2011
Purls Gone Wild…….10/8/2011