Monthly Archives: December 2011

Oh, Little Town

Have you heard about the overcrowding in Bethlehem?

Ellie’s response to: “Pick up the Nativity, it’s not meant to be a toy.”

Shop knitting is finished and mailed. Ellie’s sweater is finished but there is no photographic evidence (I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing and wrapped it). All that’s left is clean the house, figure out the other half of Christmas dinner, grocery shop, sew pajamas, fold the clothes, put the dishes away, dig a hole for the tree, wrap the rest of the presents and all the other stuff I do every day.

Christmas is beating me so badly, I haven’t even kept score this year.

It’s just too depressing.

At The End of the Tunnel

The best thing about being a toymaker is the North Pole contract work.

three cashmere bears

I can’t show you any of that – I had to sign a complicated NDA.

Those three bears are made with yarn from my new Cashmere Lady out in Washington. She had all of the kid fleece from this year spun into an absolutely fabulous yarn just for me. If it were any softer, I wouldn’t be able to feel it. I am absolutely thrilled to have found Ravenwood Cashmere and I can’t wait to see what shades 2012 brings! Ravenwood bears will start appearing in the shop this week.

My Christmas List is looking much less scary.

down to two

Just two more toys (the red post-its are orders for January).

On the other hand, Ellie’s To Do List is still rawther full.

so much to do!

So many things to do before Christmas!

Her list grows every day since she likes post-it notes as much as I do.