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Always Forward

The first new stuff in the shop in ages.





I’m still trying to find a balance and constantly reminding myself that everything is fine if I don’t produce as much as in years past.

I also finally got pictures of the in-progress mermaid! She needs hair and the pattern needs attention, but she’s moving forward.

Always forward.

School starts the 15th. I very much badly want the Mermaid to be ready for a test knitter or two by then.


Pile of Legs

the yellow spaghetti mess is a pile of birdie legs

I haven’t made birdies in ages. This set of three is for the hospital’s fundraiser – there’s a silent auction.

(I’m also checking to see if my RSS feed is still hawking questionable pharmaceuticals since I updated all the plug-ins.)

Open Call

I’m auditioning yarn for a new project.

I need something stiff that will keep it's shape.  Linen might be the thing - it won't be washed.

I need something stiff that will keep it’s shape. Linen might be the thing – it won’t be washed.

I know I haven’t finished the Mermaid pattern yet. Ideas are not concerned with the status of other ideas.