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New Year

Y’all have a good Christmas? Ours isn’t quite over yet – part of it got rained out and is rescheduled to the coming weekend.

Ellie finished Gran’s scarf in time.

My sister's house has lots of trees.

My sister’s house has lots of trees.

She got a GIANT BARBIE HOUSE from Santa. Betty also likes it – she can walk right through the bottom floor like it’s a cat tunnel.

Anna and Elsa are still getting settled in their new place.

Anna and Elsa are still getting settled in their new place.

I’m trying something new.

Embroidery is REALLY FUN.  I have some ideas.

Embroidery is REALLY FUN. It also makes me need glasses. I have some project ideas.

I plan to have a constant caffein supply all day today. I’m typically asleep by 8:30pm – it’s dark then and time for sleeping – so New Year’s Eve is challenge for me.

Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas!


Although acorns are really better for fall. Unless you like rustic – oohooh or use shiny gold yarn! Or make them as cat toys – just add a little catnip to the stuffing. Or embroider little stuff on the nut part. Or make them really tiny (and variegated) with sock yarn. Or make a REALLY BIG ONE and use it as a throw pillow. I’m totally going to do that for my sister! Nobody tell her.

You can make one in about an hour. I hope someone makes a garland.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

All your stuffed friends can feel Christmasy in their new Santa hats!

Insiders Notes: The white is O-Wool Balance Bulky. I held worsted acrylic doubled for the red – it was all I could find at the last minute. To scale the hat up or down, just change the yarn size. I’d love to see ornaments!

Happy Thanksgiving – and Christmas a little early!