The Man

You were supposed to get a new Mindful Fiber this morning. Instead site5 (my gracious host) decided to shut down Yarn Miracle for a single spam comment. It was a WordPress exploit, of course. I’m not a spammer. I don’t have time.

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon and evening working on a post that WordPress wasn’t autosaving because my site was FORBIDDEN. And WordPress didn’t bother to tell me that it wasn’t autosaving until I went to set the publication date. When the page reloaded there was nothing there.

I’m not going to fix it today. It’s too depressing. But next week I’ll have Mindful Fiber and an Elephant pattern for you. And this weekend I’ll show you what I’ve been working on since I finally finished up all the special orders for Roger’s Cousin.

Hint: It’s not purple. And it’s not what I meant make next.

3 thoughts on “The Man

  1. melissa

    How extrememly frustrating! *hugs* I’ve learned in the last couple of weeks that sometimes I just have to call it a loss and walk away from things that are making me angry like that. Sad that it’s taken me 31 years to figure that out, but there it is.

    Also. The Imp still can’t remember that the elephant is an elephant. He’s forever coming to me and asking “what this again? Ooooh! Elphiplent!” I’m going to miss his crazy words for things when he outgrows them. (:

  2. sprite

    We’ve also been frustrated this spring by a lack of communication from WordPress about spam/hacks/viruses. I’m sorry your host shut you down, even if it was only temporarily. I hope everything looks rosier over the weekend.

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