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Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen

I’m on vacation until after Christmas so I started a sock.

sock ingredients

Ingredients: yarn, pattern, needles

I haven’t knit socks in 4.5 years.

These are for Michael, so I’m using Socks That Rock mediumweight in Monsoon from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club about a million years ago. If you use 56 stitches and US2s you’ll get vertical stripes, but 60 stitches and US2s makes a lovely spiral of color. That does mean that I have to modify the Simple Skyp Socks stitch pattern by two stitches and hope that the ‘heels by number’ site still exists (it DOES). But still.

I’m knitting socks.

Minimal Progress (Just for Amber)

Amber, this is as far as I have gotten with the Beekeeper’s Quilt:

five little hexipuffs

Five little hexipuffs.

That’s as far as I’m ever going to get. I had no business with any other epic projects until the epic project I’ve already started is finished! If anyone can use my little guys, I’d be happy to send them along. I don’t want them to feel lonely and unfulfilled.

The CounterPain is making slow but steady progress.

everything in its place

The CounterPain in its cubby. The yarn is next door.

I’ve got one more square to make another strip of ten. And then – I’ll have to count to be sure – but I think I only need twenty more squares. So I’ve been thinking.

in my chair

I’m still using the desk in the kitchen even though my office is clean.

I’ve been thinking that next year the Squares will be my take-along project (I usually take a bear or a rabbit for the shop). That should help me get the squares finished. And then all that’s left is the trim. I’ve been thinking a lot about the trim lately.

Must be all that light at the end of the tunnel giving me hope.

Mindful Fiber: November Winner

**Oh, Y’ALL! I never published this! I was adding tags and noticed the word ‘draft’. (I wrote it December 7)**

Our November winner according to is Comment #44 left by Pam of Northstar Knits! Many congratulations! The yarn and pattern were sent on their way this morning.

Y’all stick around. December is our Grand Finale! While there are many wonderful, fabulous and simply splendid yarns in this world, I feel pretty good about telling you that I saved the best for last.

See you in a weekish for the last of the Mindful Fiber series.