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Minimal Progress (Just for Amber)

Amber, this is as far as I have gotten with the Beekeeper’s Quilt:

five little hexipuffs

Five little hexipuffs.

That’s as far as I’m ever going to get. I had no business with any other epic projects until the epic project I’ve already started is finished! If anyone can use my little guys, I’d be happy to send them along. I don’t want them to feel lonely and unfulfilled.

The CounterPain is making slow but steady progress.

everything in its place

The CounterPain in its cubby. The yarn is next door.

I’ve got one more square to make another strip of ten. And then – I’ll have to count to be sure – but I think I only need twenty more squares. So I’ve been thinking.

in my chair

I’m still using the desk in the kitchen even though my office is clean.

I’ve been thinking that next year the Squares will be my take-along project (I usually take a bear or a rabbit for the shop). That should help me get the squares finished. And then all that’s left is the trim. I’ve been thinking a lot about the trim lately.

Must be all that light at the end of the tunnel giving me hope.

Incremental Knitting

When I was working on the starter dish cloths, I discovered that I spend a lot of time waiting. I wait for things to boil. I wait for cookies to come out of the oven (my oven has issues, I can’t leave them alone). I wait for everyone to be ready to get in the car. I wait for Ellie to get her shirt on the right way ’round. And pick up her toys. And for everyone to stop rolling around in the Big Bed so that I can make it up. I wait the eternity it takes for Ellie to eat six green beans.

This year’s dish cloth was great for waiting because it was easy to tell where I had left off. I kept one on the needles in the hall and another on the kitchen table. Once the starters were finished, I didn’t want to spend all that time waiting without anything to keep me company. So I relocated the CounterPain to a smaller basket and moved it from the kitchen counter (where I never touch it) to the kitchen table.


Genius! The red paper clip is holding my place in the pattern.

I had to get a new project to live in the hall. Because I don’t have nearly enough to do. What I do have is a lot of sock yarn ends.


Which explains my instant attraction to The Beekeeper’s Quilt.

I had the clever little pattern memorized after one repetition and I am excited about the finished throw! It will be Very Blue. I have made quite a few blue socks.

I’ve got four honeycombs and a CounterPain Square finished. If you don’t consider that I need three hundred and something of the honeycombs and you do consider that I only need about 30 more CounterPain Squares, my incremental knitting is going quite well!

PS Dish Rag Tag Signups open on Monday.



I love you, Hulu.

CounterPain Squares are going well. Or they were until a lightning strike took out the DSL modem, the gate, the dryer, the telephone (the actual phone, a cordless so the base was plugged in, not the phone line), threw a bunch of circuit breakers and knocked a nice hole in the siding on its way out of the house. That was Completely Crazy and Unnerving. The internets are back, so depending on my Hulu queue, square knitting may resume in the morning.

Like a Charm


Bones is working well as CounterPain Company.

I am trying two new things with the blog.

  • 1) Cropping my pictures larger – please let me know if it is messing up the appearance when you visit Yarn Miracle.
  • 2) Shorter, more frequent entries. Let’s see if “pithy” as a theme for 2010 makes me post more often.