A Winter Weather

Michael and Ellie made a little video about our Winter Weather.

Why yes, we DID wear pajamas all day Tuesday. Didn’t you?

PS If you don’t have time for the whole thing, skip to the end to see Ellie driving her pink Jeep that Santa brought.

7 thoughts on “A Winter Weather

  1. Coralee

    WOW that’s some serious sleet! Heatwave in NW PA today, 37 at 10AM 🙂 The front door screened window is cracked open because the house is too warm with the wood-burner going today. Earlier this week, the front door had a blanket hanging on the doorknob trying to keep the wind from weaseling it’s way into the house…….Mother Nature is certainly a wondrous gal!

  2. kathy crispino

    What a darling video….great keepsake! We got snow and ice here in Southport NC….everything was shut down for 3 days…glad this doesn’t happen often…

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