I’m way past ready to finish up the Octopus pattern for my test knitters. If only the sun would come out so I can take a decent picture of all these legs getting put together.

I’m working on an Elephant in the meantime and I though I was going to run out of yarn but I knit real fast and didn’t.


I finished a rooster.

Every time I knit a chicken, I think about how I could really improve that pattern. It was my very first complicated toy pattern and I do so many things differently now. Maybe I’ll spruce it up one of these days.

Also, I am contemplating a Four Seasons Swap series. We are finishing up winter…so I’m thinking of spring ideas. Is this intriguing for anyone?

We’ll have a a little bit of a swap round-up towards the end of the week. A couple boxes experienced weather delays so I want to give them a little time to catch up to their recipients. I really want to hear about what book/movie folks sent! Security is a nice long ‘To Read’ list. Don’t tell me yet – wait for the round up!

14 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Angela Dotsenko

    This was my first swap and it was so fun. I got a lovely book and pattern and fun yarn and fiber and lots of other goodies. I’m already getting ready for the next one. 🙂

  2. Kerry

    I would love to join you for more swaps! This one was sick great fun! Thank you again so very much for the amazing package!!! You certainly brightened my day!

  3. Dawn

    My package was delivered last Wednesday. I am waiting for mine and do not expect it today with 8 to 10 inches of snow expected!
    Sign me up for your next swap, as I really enjoy them. I appreciate the time you and Micheal take to do it, and the additional time for those with allergies!
    I love the roster, it reminds me of chicken run, the movie, that I found funny!

  4. Jen

    My experience with the Swap of Discontent was very positive. I just hope that my recipient was pleased with my swap package.

    I would most likely be interested in doing something like this again.

  5. kt

    I have missed the last few DishragTag swaps, and did not know about the Swap of Discontent….would LURVE to cast off my current work nonsense and participate!!!

  6. Angela Dotsenko

    I’m about to knit a chicken for myself. I’m curious to find out what changes you would make.

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