Here comes the Sun!

The sun came out yesterday afternoon! It was a crazy time. Even with all the help I got from my good friends, I did get the tentacle connection pictures finished.


Y’all. I’m trying to work.

Now I just have to beat the test knitters to the next stage of octopus construction that needs visual aids. And hope for nice weather.

I think that’s called a ‘long shot’.

5 thoughts on “Here comes the Sun!

  1. Emily

    @kathy b Oh yeah! That’s my Inferior Cardigan! Great Gran made the original (the Perfect Cardigan) when I was in school and I wore it out and had to knit a replacement a while back.

    I wrote about it somewhere. 😀

  2. Dawn

    My swap package arrived today! Love, LOVE it!! You and Michael did a great job matching up partners.

    If you need any angels, let me know!

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