Blueberry Boxes

Blueberries are growing ripe. I picked a handful this morning and made muffins.

The box pile is steadily growing. Not as delicious, but necessary.

4 thoughts on “Blueberry Boxes

  1. kellyg

    So the different color tape on the boxes tells the movers ( or you & your family and friends) where to put the box in the new house? The tape doesn’t seem to be actually keeping the box closed.

  2. emily Post author

    Yes! I color coded stuff by where to put it. I realized (after I started boxing things) that everything (especially pictures) would likely end up not where it is here, so having certain categories of items delivered to certain rooms might be especially useful. All the framed pictures and decorative stuff is going to the foyer, for example.

    Regular old packing tape is keeping the boxes closed. 😀

  3. Ruth

    Looks so familiar. Sending smooth transition thoughts your way. I’m sure you’ve thought about ways to transition E from your old to your new place but the RAFT system works well.

    Reconcilliation – are there any relationships that need mending.
    Affirmation -affirm people who have been important in your lives.
    Farewell – remember places as well as people . Last meal in a favourite restaurant, take pictures, visit a favourite playground and say good bye.
    Transition – talk and plan for the new place, research together, choose something nearby that you can visit during a break in packing etc.

    Just some thoughts from one who has uprooted her kid a number of times.

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