Not my personal best, but I enjoyed the pattern.

It took me almost two months to finish a bunny and two sweaters for a customer. Really unforgivable that it took so long. I’ve got plenty of reasons why this happened: too much Girl Scouts to work on, too much other stuff getting in the way, school, lots of different people coming in and out to work on the house, we’re still working to find our groove since moving, the project didn’t actually have a “I need it by” date.

But really?
I think knitting just makes me sad.
I think knitting has been making me sad for about four years now.

I’m not sure what to do with that epiphany.

6 thoughts on “Stitching

  1. Barbara

    I have a similar feeling towards my work lately. I described it as “ennui” the other day, when thinking out-loud to my husband about continuing to design. When I imagine the actual projects I have planned, I really do want them to happen, but doing the work to get there just seems a bit pointless if I’m not making much income. I sometimes feel like I could be doing better things with my time, but I don’t know what, or even how to find the right things to do. Seeing how hard this is to write down coherently, it’s obvious I still haven’t figured out the problem! Maybe part of it is having to do what other people want, rather than what makes you happy and inspired?

    (P.S. probably not best to write a heart-felt comment when I’m sick and haven’t slept enough, but I wanted to let you know I hear you, and I understand a little)

  2. christie

    Maybe you just really wanted to make beautiful toys for your daughter and then the rest followed…

  3. emily Post author

    I think it’s some of all of that.

    And it’s all tied up with how much I miss Great Gran. The last pattern I finished was the one I was working on while she was in the hospital. The Mermaid only needs me to put the pictures in the right place, hair instructions, and a test knit. I just can’t get it done. I still have all my ideas, and I want them to get done. I’m not sure I’ve had any new ideas, but if I did I’d want to get those done too. My business isn’t as important to our financial stability as it was when I started, so I do have the luxury (or hindrance) of not having that pressure.

    I’ve tried other things besides toys, thinking that I might just be burnt out. I have some socks that I started and never finished. Great Gran and I used to knit socks all the time. I’ve thought about starting a sweater since it’ll be colder here. I can’t find the joy.

  4. danielle

    I bet you’ll come right back to it when you’re ready. Sounds like some lovely memories of Great Gran.

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