Daily Archives: December 19, 2023

Something Else New

A white mug with a sad but colorful band of crochet tied around it as a cozy.


The new Girl Scout troop is going to work on the fiber arts badge in January. I had to learn so I can teach. I opted for crochet because it requires fewer tools and has less of a learning curve before you can actually make something recognizable. I only know three stitches (chain, slip stitch, single crochet) and have written my first pattern (for the mug cozy). If we are good at crochet, we will make mug cozys! If we are bad at crochet, we will make bracelets!

We are also going to kool-aid dye some wool to make tassels for book marks. We’ve got to have hot water for that, and hot water leads to bring-your-own-mug for tea, and mug for tea leads to make a mug cozy.

The hardest part of crochet is not holding the yarn in my right hand and wrapping. I want to crochet like I knit.