Monthly Archives: November 2023

Years in the Making

Haha look how far that one heel sticks out – it’ll be better after washing.

When we were packing up, I came across a couple different project bags with half-finished projects inside. Years-Ago-Me was super thoughtful and left pattern notes with the unfinished projects so Future-Me would be able to finish. Which probably has some deep, personal lesson about hope or organization or forward thinking or something.

Anyway, I finished these these for Michael yesterday. I think this yarn was part of a swap with a knitter in Germany. It’s worsted, washable wool, and I used my super tragic Worsted Weight Basic Socks pattern with a broken rib for the leg and instep. I wrote that pattern so long ago (decades) that I’ve lost the original and have no way to edit it to fix the mistakes. If you decide to use it: the gauge is wrong, the heel turn is wrong, but everything else is fiiiiiiiine!

Narrow Sunbeam

Tyler is making the most of the meager morning sunbeam. Close neighbors (for the first time since the apartment in Norcross) mean that sunbeam situation downstairs is limited. There is more upstairs, but he’s really waiting to see if there is a second cup of coffee for me and a little more cream for him.

(I am browsing Christmas trees. We lost ours to the flooded garage when we first arrived (it was too big for the new house anyway). It turns out that Thanksgiving is next week, so I need to get a wiggle on finding a new one.)