Monthly Archives: January 2024

Snow #2

The house with cleared sidewalk and front walk. The driveway is just roughed up (because gravel) becuase I am trying something new.

It’s less fun to clear when it’s ice on top. I know about ice.

I haven’t finished the driveway in this picture: I raked it up rough with the garden rake, so all the rocks will stay in one place and there should be enough traction for the car not to slide. There’s also more surface area for the sun to help out a bit. It worked for icy driveway back home – I can’t imagine that Physics is different up here.

Sweater pieces. One sleeve still has the needles in, the body of the sweater has a broken rib pattern on the top half.

I got the neck put on the current sweater, got all excited because I realized I was just a few seams away from being finished…and then noticed that the sleeves weren’t the same length. What even happened there I wonder? I’ve got to add an inch to the short one.

Another Hat (Finished)!

I like hats.

a green hat with a simple cable pattern viewed from the top (on Eleanor's head) with snow in the background

This is the Ryegate Hat in Knit Picks Swish DK (forest heather). It took about a ball and a half, and I made it deep so that there is plenty of band to fold up over her ears.

Once again, you can see the place where the cast on is joined (I go around extra since I don’t like it to come loose). You’d think I’d start checking for that before I take the picture.

Snow #1

I think this was a very nice beginner snow I think. The unofficial total (calculated by scientifically sticking a ruler into a flat place) was nine inches.

Snow is much easier to move out of the way than sleety ice mess.

a view of a cleared sidewalk with three feet of snow piled to each side

New things: snow plows, parking ban (because snow plows), snow shovels, piles of extra snow to move off of the sidewalk (from the snow plows), all the noise melting snow makes the next day, massive piles of snow (from snow plows) in parking lots, the bonus sunshine reflected off of the snow was an extra pleasant surprise

Torrential rain (for here that totals about 2.5″ which is nothing compared to my previous experience with torrential rain, but this is the Land of Poor Drainage so) and a high of 54F is expected Tuesday and Wednesday, so we’ll see what all is left after that.

I am learning so much.

Reading in 2023

a 2023 reading log with seven unfilled spaces

I read a few books this year. I didn’t finish a few more. I only finished one that I wish I hadn’t. (Lots of other people talked about how good it was, so I figured there must be some kind of pay-off at the end. But nope! I still get a little mad when I think about it.)

Here’s my list (in two parts because each of my planner book things only holds six months):

List of books read from January - June

FSRC is our third annual Family Summer Reading Club where we choose a book and read after lunch each day during the summer months. There will not be a fourth year because we opted to make it the Family Reading Club (FRC) and just read the same book at lunch each day. The Minority Report (an actual hard copy of the one short story from the library – hinged on the short end!) was a Family Reading Club book. We just watched the movie (Sunday night is movie night) and are a little confused about whether Steven Spielberg read the same book that we did.

Anything with a star or a heart was something I particularly enjoyed.

Some of these books (House of the Scorpion, Raybearer) are part of Eleanor’s English class, The Hero’s Journey. Oak Meadow has some spectacular high school language arts classes. A couple that are listed (The Maid, The Girl with the Louding Voice) are re-reads for the Fiber Arts Book Club (!!!) at our new library.

You may notice that I read The Kaiju Preservation Society back in May. This was followed by a bunch of other books by John Scalzi. It’s nice when you find a new favorite and they’ve already got a body of work waiting for you!

I’ve got my 2024 book log printed, a stack of library books, and a really bad attitude about holidays that make me stay up past my bedtime. I guess that means I’m ready for a new year. See you there!