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My child is seven.


Traditional Build-a-Bear + Moe’s trip. She made a cat of course!

And she had a birthday party with a MAGICIAN. Which was pretty much the best thing ever. Even though her original magician ended up iced in (Remember when that ice storm happened in Nashville? That’s where he lived.), substitute magician was wonderful and the kids loved him!


This is my sign in the living room – the party was at our pizza place. Yes, there is a wagon in the living room.

I can’t show you many pictures since they are full of other people’s children (and most are seriously blurry), but watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!


The Party Continues

Ellie’s Birthday happened For Reals with cupcakes at school. It also happened with all of her grandparents the weekend before and AGAIN at Build-a-Bear on Saturday. The Build-a-Bear party was really nice – engaging, sweet and the Party Bears (folks who work there) throw a great party. Even better than I expected.


That bear’s name is Rosie. She’s getting dressed.

So it’s back to normal.* I’m working on Easter orders and trying to get a couple toys (cats and elephants) back in the shop. I’m also working on a little surprise for y’all!

Has anybody played LittleBigPlanet 1 or 2? Ellie and I started a game in 2, but the levels in the game progressed beyond her gaming experience pretty quickly. Game play is a good fit for us because if she can’t make it, she can just wait for me to get to the next way point and reappear…but for many of the levels (with the grapple especially), she’s waiting for me a lot. I hope that some of the user-created content will more suit her style (which revolves around sticker placement, jumping and dressing our characters like cats).

*famous last words

The Face of Two

When you are two, you (apparently) don’t need to hold hands when walking on the sidewalk.

the face of two

Also pictured: Meeow (freshly made Build-a-Bear Birthday Kitty)

Happy Birthday, Baby Dear. You’re making too much noise for me to write a more lengthy post.

PS Meeow is now naked and Big Kitty is wearing her Hello Kitty underwear. Ellie was very specific about the two Es in Meeow’s name.