21 thoughts on “The Face of Three

  1. Renna

    Three years have passed since that doll entered the world? Impossible!

    She does get cuter every day. You no longer have a baby, you have a little girl. A very precious looking little girl. Happy birthday, Ellie!

  2. kt

    My teen girlie wishes your sweet three-year-old girlie all the best for this and all future natal days!

    And the momma of the teen girlie wishes the momma of the three-year-old-girlie all the joy and happiness of every single day with that sweetie!

  3. Crazy For Yarn In Alabama

    OH MY….I can’t BELIEVE it has already been THREE YEARS!!! Time is flying by so quickly!! What a sweetie pie she is and lucky to have you for her Mommy!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE!!!!!

  4. Ruth

    Wow…this means I have been hanging out here for over three years now. Happy birthday Ellie! You’ve been fun to watch while you were ‘growing up”.

  5. kathy b

    Oh she’s adorable. I still some likenesses of her baby pictures….newborn like….in her face. Some kids change so very much….she really hasn’t! THat darling chin. THe fun has only just begun! I loved loved loved the 3’s.

  6. Kerry

    Happy Birthday dear Ellie! Hope it was a fabulous one! Happy happy to you Mama Emily… birthdays have so much more meaning as a mama… the birth part hits home year after year!

  7. Marcia

    I wish the Birthday Girl the best year ever, with lots of fun adventures, new friends and new skills to learn. Thanks Emily for all the wonderful events we have gotten to be a part of in Ellie’s life. Seeing her always brings such JOY to the day!

  8. joan

    Hard to believe she is now 3 it just seems like yesterday I was waiting for her to arrive. Happy Birthday a bit late from snowy PA

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