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G is for Girl

Got the Girl ready to go!

here she is!

You can find her on Ravelry and in my Etsy shop. Early Adopters, I suggest Ravelry since it is easier to get updates to you. It’s a 12 page pattern. There are bound to be updates.

If anybody decides to design additional clothes for this little lady and decides to share the patterns, please please let me know! I’ll add links and credits and praise to the pattern listings.

Mindful Fiber Winners will be announced later today!

PS I know the site looks rather awkward. The theme is undergoing an update (it’s possible that’s how the spammers were exploiting Yarn Miracle) and some things have gone wacky. Like centering, captions and footnotes. It’s a process.

What I’ve Been Doing

Ellie asked me to knit a “Mama Doll for me to sleep with.” So I moved one of next year’s projects up in the queue.

spitting image

Spittin’ image, right?

She’s got her little undies on already (modest soul that she is), but I still need to make her nightgown/sundress.

whole thing

Cat included for scale.

You may not know this about me: I hate designing doll clothes. My critters are made to look good naked. With their arms and legs joined like they are, they are almost anti-clothing. But when you make a person, you’ve got to have clothes. I’ve got half a nightgown finished, but I’m out of yarn because those little dresses take way more than you’d think. I have no idea what the yarn is or where it came from so I have to start ALL OVER. I think this one is going to be “G is for Girl” and not “P is for Person” because I don’t want to deal with boy clothes too. P can be for Penguin or something. Unless I have an overalls epiphany in the next few days.

Anyway. I’ve almost got all the pictures in the pattern, so if you’d like to test knit a doll, the pattern will be ready some time this week. The hair isn’t fringe, you make her a little wig and sew it to her head and her heels have a couple short rows. Besides that, finding a main color for pallid dolls (Ecobutterfly’s Farfalla is my top suggestion for skin tones) is the biggest challenge. I’ve got my test knitters! Thank you!

P.S. If you want clothed animals, Barbara has done that so much better than I ever could. The little cabled cardigan is my favorite. Or maybe the hoody.

P.P.S. Don’t forget about May’s Mindful Fiber – I missed the news-cycle but that doesn’t mean you should miss the giveaway.

Kitty Girl Ivey

My friend, Melissa, has caught a Waldorf doll-making bug. This isn’t a huge surprise for me since she is all-around Ridiculously Talented. I mean it. I have no idea how she finds the time to create the all the things she creates (and test my poorly-numbered patterns at the same time)! The fun part is, that since Melissa is ‘practicing’ her doll-making skills, Ellie had the opportunity to have a custom doll made. She chose everything; size, skin, eyes, clothes…


…hair, ears…


Ellie knows what she likes: cats and pink.

Ellie’s doll is named Kitty Girl Ivey. I am sure you are not at all surprised.


Ellie LOVES HER! Aren’t her toes cute?

Thank you, Melissa!